Saturday, March 16, 2013

Here lizard, lizard!

My kids love lizards and we have a lot of them.  Between the hundreds of rocks that boarder our yard and the 50 cubic tons of mulch we have... it's a lizard haven.  The kids stay well entertained during the summer months chasing and catching them.  
So far in the last few days they've caught 4... or maybe 5.  I've lost count.  I have a quick video of one they kept for a few hours.  You'll notice he lost his tail from the start.  They want one as a pet, but I can't subject any creature to these 3.  It wouldn't be right.  ;)


Yesterday Blondie came in with a new baby one.  
She 'loves him sooo much'.  I know because she said so.  
Just a few pictures of her and Lizzy II.  

She's so very proud of her new friend.

She let him drive her favorite car.  
...and just a few minutes ago, Lizzy III  This girl LOVES Lizards.
She loves them too much.  (We've already buried him.)  <sigh>  :(


  1. The kids are just too cute. And I don't mind lizards, or anything that keeps kids occupied, for that matter, but I'm not sure how much time I'd want to spend burying a whole bunch of them, LOL.

  2. My little sister was obsessed with chameleons when we lived in Myrtle Beach, SC. They gave me the heebie jeebies! That was sweet your girl shared her fave car :)

  3. Adorable!! Lil mister also loves them!! we have tons is south Africa but these ones are impossibly fast!!


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