Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Donuts and Dirt

The kids wanted donuts.  Heck, the husband and I wanted them too.  ;) 
So I made my super duper easy ones.  Long before Pinterest pinned them we ate them.  Yep, people were cooking and crafting before a website told us how to do it.  Oh I still love to pin stuff on my boards and find great ideas, but many of us were doing these things long before it was pin-worthy.  ;)  

Here's a quick picture tutorial:

A few tips, I have a biscuit and donut cutter.  I don't like the insert for donuts.  The holes are too big and the donuts too thin.  I use the cover from our candy thermometer.  The donut holes are perfect for testing the temperature of the oil.  When they dance in the oil add the donuts.  Remember not to toss them in, just lay one end in and the rest lay down gently so the oil doesn't splatter on you or the stove.  
As soon as you put the last donut in the oil go back to the start and turn them over.  By the time you have turned the last one over you'll pull out the first one and lay them on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.
If you do a second tube of biscuits/ donuts make sure to turn the heat down.  By now the oil is way too hot for a second batch.  
*I start with medium high heat and on the second batch turn down to medium.  Of course each stove is different.  But if it's too hot the outside will be crispy and the inside gooey.  Karate Girl calls them 'Cheesy Donuts'.  I call them gross.  <shivers>  


After clearing away the donut mess (not much really) I played with the tiny tiller again.  I might not return it to our friends.  ;)  After fencing off the garden I felt bad for the kids, especially Little Man who loved playing in the dirt.  We had some left over wood so I racked the mulch, cut a split 4X4 we couldn't use and a deck board that had a few 4X4 blocks with stripped screws.
I tilled up the dirt, added what little sand we had from an old basketball stand (we'll be adding more sand soon) and popped a chalk line and marked off roads.  Nothin' fancy.  No money spent but the kids have been out there since 11:00 AM when I finished it and it's now 2:00.  I'd call that a success!
*They didn't even ask for lunch, I had to lay it out on the picnic table so they'd stop to eat.  I'm excited.  ;)

I really like that I can look out the laundry room window... about 10' from my office desk that sits in the kitchen.  We call it Mrs. Kravitz Korner.  I can check on them without disturbing them.  I.E. calling attention to me and getting the; "Look at this mom.",  "Look at me.",  "He threw dirt on me..."  You get the point.  I like it.  ;)

Now it's time to clean up the lunch mess and start painting the side porch furniture.  This weekend we're building a privacy fence so we can use it as a morning porch.  Kid's don't have access to it so we're thinking early morning coffee... kid free.  <squee!!!>   :)

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  1. Hey, your donuts look good. Looking forward to that porch project..


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