Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spider-Woman is Legit Y'all!

It was brought to my attention today that not everyone knows about Spider-Woman.  I KNOW shocking!!!  So as a community service I shall do my best to get y'all up to date on Jessica Drew AKA Spider-Woman.  *The other incarnations of Spider-Woman don't matter.  First lesson.  ;)

Okay, Spider-Woman first appeared in the 1977 Marvel Spotlight #32.  Now you might think I had to Google that, but I didn't.  Know why?  
My basketball number was 32.  Coincidence?  

A year later she had her own comic book.  (I own all 50 of them.)  

In 1979 she had her own Saturday morning cartoon.  
I never missed an episode.  :)   

I even had her Underoos!

*She was also in an SNL skit:  Superhero Party

So what makes Jessica Drew/ Spider-Woman so awesome?  
She can fly, not swing from building or glide, but fly. 
She puts off pheromones that can make a person love or fear her.
She has a venom blast that can stun or kill.
She can adhere to walls.  
She is immune to all poisons and radiation. 
And of course she possess all the superhuman traits like 
speed, endurance and strength.
She's also had some cool jobs and affiliations:  
She's been a PI, a spy and a bounty hunter.
She's also worked for Hydra, Shield, S.W.O.R.D. and the Avengers... 
both old and new.
So my question is:

That's right, superhero chick up front,
superhero dudes in the back.  ;) 

Anyway, 35-years later she has a new comic book series that's been made in to motion comics.  I've read and watched them all as well.  

 Okay, so there's a quick look at Spider-Woman.  She's legit y'all.  ;)

*If you have Netflix you can watch her motion comics instantly so go check it out.  And of course YouTube has her original Saturday morning series.  Karate Girl has seen them all.  :)


  1. Cooties? haha...also, why does she have an accent?

    PS. You're a total nerd, my friend, and I loved this post!

    1. She was born in London and later moved to the US.


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