Monday, February 18, 2013

Fancy Lofts, Lots of Food and a Happy Dude!

So we skipped town for the weekend.  Okay it was just one night but it was nice.  Matter of fact we decided this summer we're scheduling a long weekend in Fredericksburg for another wine tour, Bed & Breakfast stay and just time away together.  We've been married nearly 20-years.  We NEED time away.  ;)

But this weekend it was busy, we left at around 6:00 AM and drove to our home town to drop off Girl Scout cookies (so glad to have that temptation out of the house) to the husband's family.  When we finished we meet friends for lunch at Red Hot & Blue for some barbecue.  YUM!!!

Then we headed to our hotel after fighting with the massive amounts of road construction going on in Dallas.  UGH!  Five years away from the big city and I don't miss a minute of it.  Give me Abilene's wide highways with a dozen cars and I'm a happy girl.   :)

So you might have seen where we got a great deal on the room, just $68 for a Saturday night?  If not, that's what we paid... my cheap little heart went  pidder-patter.  ;)  Based on the reviews and photos the place looked cool.  Like too cool for old farts like us, but we wanted something different.  We don't stay in hotels very often but it seems cheap or expensive they all feel about the same.  Yes the more expensive ones give you more 'freebies' *cough* and they're cleaner, but all in all it's pretty much the same.

Not this place.  And it's not for everyone.  But instead of carpet it was concrete.  Instead of hotel art *blech* it was local art.  No fancy furnishings but more of an IKEA feel.  Which was a fun change.  No the couch wasn't something you snuggled on, but who does that in a hotel anyway.  It's ALL about the bed.  And that sucker was LUSH!

I also loved the lighting.  No harsh bright lights.  All of it was soft or muted but the bathroom light was bright.  The wall of mirrors helped.  :)
The shower had a waterfall head... LOVED!, the basin was cool, they had a single serve Keurig machine with 4 choices along with all the sweeteners.  And of course your standard stuff like ironing boards, iron, blow dryer,  flat screen TV and alarm clock... but that was unique too because it had an iPhone docking station.

The mirror in the shower was a bit intimidating,
but it fogs over so no worries.  ;) 

Coffee & Tea available along with bottled water...
I had already had my water ready for tea.  ;) 

Over to the left is the shower stall and sliding bathroom door.
The shower stall was great.  It's defused glass so you might see a silhouette
but not much else.  But the sliding door left a large gap.
That was our only complaint.  Yes we've been married nearly 20-years
but we still like our privacy.
"Hey honey, can you get some more ice and take your time please?"  ;) 

Cool artwork.  

After a quick look around our room and resting for a bit we left again for Uncle Julio's which the husband specifically requested.  ;)  And then had a few beers at The Flying Saucer where we got to hear Fire Sale from Austin play.  A fun 3 piece band.  Afterwards we went back to the hotel to crash.
A long shower under that super cool waterfall head and then we fell asleep knowing no kids would be crying in the middle of the night or waking us up at 6:00 AM.  Nope... we did that on our own.  <sigh>  Never fails.  BUT we did lay around till 9:00.  Slowly got ready and finally headed out when the cleaning crew knocked on our door around 11:00.  Oh we could have stayed another hour, but we needed food.

And lucky for us La Madeleine's was just down the road.  Brunch was great, coffee was better and we even left with some tiramisu to go.  ;)

But the best part of the weekend might have been when the husband and I meet with the man who taught him all about jewelry making and he was able to buy the bench he learned on as well as a lot of other tools.  I had wanted to wait for his 40th birthday in May, but just couldn't.  He's wanted one for about 15-years now and to be able to buy the one he learned on was too good to pass up.  Needless to say he's a very happy man.  :)

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  1. OHhh that rooms looks SOOO inviting! And voila for the keurig and the concrete floor! I love the city and miss the downtown area of fort worth with live music and beers galore at the Saucer! Lucky!!!


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