Saturday, January 19, 2013

Well Traveled Furniture

February 1st, 1987 my dad tells me he's found the perfect bedroom set.  For years I had a garage sale dresser that my folks must have painted a half a dozen times over the years, a wicker headboard that had seen better days, and plastic night stands that were all the rage in the '80's.

I was now 13 and my parents had decided it was time to buy me a new set.  I was excited!  The idea of something new, just for me, made me dance all the way to the truck.

Then my dad pulled up to a local hardware store where he shows me 'furniture' in a box.  And not big boxes, but flat; "IKEA ain't got nothin' on these" boxes.

"So where's the furniture?"

"We put it together, sand it and stain it."  He sees the look of doubt that only a 13-year old girl can give and continued with; "It'll be fun, we'll do it together."

At this point I probably sagged my shoulders and caught myself before I rolled my eyes.  An eye roll or suggested eye roll would have meant garage sale dresser for another 13-years.

So we loaded up the pieces I wanted; a night stand, a dresser and the splurge... an armoire.  I was starting to get excited.

We go home and my job was to read the directions. He of course doesn't  wait and precedes to put it together. He's good at these things.  It took several days for the staining, sanding and clear coating, but it was worth it.

When it was all done, my mom took me to buy a new bedspread, sheets, curtains and a gallon of peach paint.  My choice.  They gave me brushes, a tray and left the room.  Wha?!  Y'all want me to paint?  That was the first time I painted a room but certainly not the last.

When they sold the house nearly 22-years later it was the only room with painted walls.  It was at the end of a short and dark hallway and it set off a glow in the mornings. I loved it.  *I now can't stand the color... but that's to be expected.  ;)

I was so proud of my new room.  I took excellent care of the furniture and when I got married years later it was all the furniture we had.  But we were young and in love... who cared.  ;)

Skip forward from the day we picked up the bedroom set till now; it's been 26-years.  In that time it traveled from my room, my parents garage, our apartment, our first house, my parents bunkhouse, and now our kid's room.  In the 4-years they've had it, 3 with the twins, it's been used for stuffing little sister in, playing games of 'the floor is lava' and a diving board from bed to bed.

It's not the same furniture I took such good care of.  Kids!  ;)

It was time for an update but with a purpose.  Some pieces were getting loose in the joints, and I knew with 3 kids in 1 room there was going to be some rough housing so I wanted to make sure it was freshened up, but with some 'give'.  If the pine was nicked it wouldn't matter and if paint was chipped no one would notice.

I painted my daughters vanity about 6-years before with white flat paint and did a dry rag of stain across the top, some distressing and the piece has been great ever since.  No 'new' wear noticed.  This was my plan for the rest of their bedroom set.  But a friend had just refinished an old dresser with a glaze finish and I loved it.  So she came by to drop off the stuff... or so I thought.  I mean, the chick had mono for heavens sake.

Nope, she showed up and started sanding the dresser, mixed the Plaster of Paris and started painting.  She showed up the next day to do the glaze and then said she'd come back to do more.  NO!  You've done too much already.  I paid her in Girl Scout cookies... and then she gives me a 31-Gifts Wallet.  WTHeck!  I love this girl! ;)

She did the dresser and 1 drawer, I finished the other 5 and then tackled the nightstand and armoire.  The last piece the most important because it's to become Karate Girl's mini art studio.  I'm excited but that post will have to wait till it's all done and she's seen it.  Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.  <squee!>

Here is the set before:

January 16, 2013

And here is the set now...

January 18, 2013

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