Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Three Little Monkeys Jumpin' on the Bed

How to fit 3 kids in 1 room...
it ain't easy, but boy does it beat a bigger mortgage!

The only way I can get all their clothes to fit is by matching all the outfits together and using one hanger.  Saves a lot of time and since I do a load a day the outfits don't get separated.  One of my favorite organizing tricks for a small closet.  

Each kid gets a color;  Their bins hold socks, undies, pjs, shorts and for the twins their shoes.  Karate Girl has an extra bin on the floor for her boots and then the shoe rack on the door... which also holds Barbie and her closest friends.  ;)
Scarfs and Belts... little girls have so many accessories.
One of the bins has hats, gloves and purses.
She feels so special.  Best part of the
whole room makeover was her
reaction to her 'studio'.  ;) 

Karate Girl is a budding artist.
She needed her own little space...
 so I made her a mini art studio to house
her stuff away from the twins (it has a lock)
and so she can show case her pieces.  :)

Buckets of toys.  One blue for Little Man and just out of shot is a pink one for Blondie.  

All 3 kids currently share the same bed.  Why, because I can't keep them away from each other.  So I just put Little Man's comforter at the foot of the girl's bed so it's sorta unisex.
Okay, not by a long shot, but I tried.  HA!  (I'm not buying new bedding dang it!)
*I bought this 100-year old wrought iron bed over 15-years ago.  I've no plans of getting rid of it for bunk-beds, but I may have to in a few years.  This might be something I'm actually willing to store.  LOVE IT! 
The teddy bear, quilted bear, Cabbage Patch doll and angel are all mine from childhood as is the 30-year old doll house.  (The furniture is stored till the twins are a bit older.)  And of course all the furniture I redid last week is mine from long, long ago.  ;)   

...and what kid's room is complete without the all important Time-Out chair.  ;)
*My grandmother's phone chair from ages ago.

Total project cost me about $100.  
Paint was half of it.  
I told y'all I was cheap!  ;)  


  1. I LOVE Karate Girls' armoire! Oh she needs a chair---asap! A very artsy rotating stool that the twins can get on and swing each other to the other side of the room! hahaha! Love it!

    1. She uses the kitchen table. Says she has to 'get away from the twins'. Artist. ;)

  2. Also, super genius idea of pairing outfits together so they don't get separated in the wash! I think I might do that, bc when I ask my boys to get dressed they come out with pajamas bottoms and long sleeve t-shirts when it's 80 deg outside. This would be super easy for A!

  3. This is beyond amazing! I'm in love with it! I have both my boys in one room but it is easire with two boys than mixing sexes! You are super!!


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