Friday, January 11, 2013

The world is conspiring against me today...

I’m beginning to think it’s a good day to go back to bed. 
Who am I kidding… every day is a good day to go back to bed.
BUT today is special. <sarcastic font>  I didn't hear my alarm go off for over an hour.  When I did I hit snooze another 15-minutes.

That’s a good sign that I need a new alarm clock; one that I can’t so easily ignore or swat at.  Or maybe the one my friend showed me that has a coffee pot attached.  :)

Mother's Day gift?  

Anyway, after my hour and 15-minute snooze fest I tried to catch up and get the kids breakfast on the table before waking them.  I try to do this every morning for my own sanity.  I can avoid the hangry melt downs because they are DYING to eat. 
So I set the food out, woke them up and steered their sleepy heads towards the table where they immediately began fighting.  <sigh>

My dream of reading while they ate… gone… in an instant. 

So I thought to check my Facebook.  That doesn't require silence or too much concentration.  So as I’m skimming over the nights updates and drinking my now lukewarm coffee I see a friend mention our visit today.  Oops, I should get dressed.  (Takes mental note to drink coffee faster.)
Then I notice Little Man still has a snotty nose.  She has a new baby so I begin typing up a message asking if she wants to reschedule.  And then I look at the clock, it’s 7:57 at 8:00 I have a blog scheduled to post for the Secret Subject Swap.

I've not finished it.  CRAP!!! 

I jump off the couch, toss my Kindle and get on the desk top where I stop the schedule and try to think of what to write.  I got nothing.  My apologies now for the last blog.  Two weeks and still I got nothing.  And to top it off my Blogger is not allowing me to upload photos and the links are messed up.

I've checked my settings.  They appear to be fine.  I updated Jave... AGAIN and still photos won't upload.  :(

Did I mention the fighting is still going on.  How can two kids love and hate each other so much?!
Santa brought them boxing gloves.  He’s brilliant!

Anyway, I FINALLY decided (after much harassment from friends and family) to use a different browser.
Gah!  I don't wanna!  But alas... it worked.  Now that I'm on Chrome... it's all there.  Duh!  Why didn't I do this sooner?  <eye roll>

Then as I'm about to reheat my now cold coffee I get a text, "Can I come pick up my jewelry order?"

Oh CRAP!  Something else I haven't finished.

I needed to antique the hand stamped pendants and the kids were still in their pajamas.  I quickly decided that pjs qualified as clothing so it wasn't a big deal.  And thank heavens the two of them put on their best show for her.  (They can be charmers when company is over.  Thank heavens!)

In the end I reheated the same cup of coffee 6 times... and never finished it.

My kids dressed and undressed themselves no less than 4 times each and at one point were running around naked outside.

We picked up Karate Girl from school with the two of them in just undies and shoes.   (Worth it for this beautiful 70 degree January day.)  :)

But I did get Magic Mike from Netflix today.  Now understand... I don't REALLY want to watch it.  <nods head>  I just want to view it for research purposes.  That's all.  You know, to see what the fuss is all about.  Pinky Swear.  ;)


  1. I can't stop laughing about the Magic Mike part! I keep using it as a threat against my husband! LOL You are really funny and I love your blog! :) New follower, right here!

  2. I REALLY want that alarm clock/coffee this point in my life, even more so than Magic Mike. Coffee first....

  3. LOL! The universe conspires against us ever so often! It's not fair! How was Magic Mike?!

  4. Oh, PS congratulations on switching to CHROME. Best. Browser. Ever.


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