Friday, January 11, 2013

January Secret Subject Swap

My subject this time is, "You've made your resolutions of what you are not going to do or start doing this year; what did you do last year that you are going to keep on doing?"
And it was submitted by: Slacker Mom of 4 (go check her out!)  :)

I like the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, but I don’t make them.
I mean in my mind I think I’ll work out more, lose weight and reread the Bible.  So yes, in my mind I plan on doing things, but I try not to put ‘resolution’ anywhere near the ideas.  I don't write them down.  I don't talk about them to friends.  I even avoid the subject with myself.  I know for some it motivates them but for me it’s setting myself up for failure.  And I’m a mom; I experience enough of that without any additional help.  ;)
So as far as continuing a resolution… not happening; unless you consider not making one last year or this year continuing.  Cause in that cause, I’m right on track.  A win!  Yay me!!  ;) 

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  1. Ha ha ha. Seems quite clear that you are succeeding at resolving not to make a resolution. Perfect!

  2. ROFLOL!!!
    I completely agree!! I never make resolutions either! Why set myself up for failure right at the beginning?? No thanks!! LOL

  3. good for you! I don't make resolutions either!

  4. Yup. I'm with you on this one--resolutions suck. I just resolve each year NOT to make resolutions and it's an automatic win. At least at the end of the year I can say, "Yeah, I met my goals!"


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