Monday, January 14, 2013

Homemade Baby Wipes

Ingredients for homemade baby wipes. 
(Per my awesome BFF: Brooke.)

1 roll of select a size paper towels, cut in half (Bounty works great.) 

1 canister with a lid (One with a seal is best to keep the moisture in.) 
2 cups water
2 tbs baby soap/wash
1 tbs Olive Oil or Baby Oil 
2-3 drops Tea Tree Oil or other scented essential oil of your choice

*Mix it all together. Then pour it over the paper towels, let it soak for a while, pull out the cardboard center and start using the wipes from the center of the roll.

I used this while the twins were still in diapers and I loved them.  I did try cheaper paper towels but with poor results.  For me it was less about saving lots of money (because I don't think you really will) but more about using less wipes.  I could use 1 or 2 half towels to a dozen of those cheap tiny wipes.  I never once had a roll dry out either.  The stuff in the boxes or resealable bags dried out all.the.time.

*I keep some of these still in my purse in a Ziploc baggy and use them for everything from sticky hands to car spills.  
Or even eating out and you can't leave the table because you have kids to wrestle... I can wash my hands without worrying the kids will run off to eat the dessert on the neighboring table.  
(Never happened... more than once.)  ;)  


  1. Awesome. Wish I knew about this when mine were in diapers!

  2. What a great idea!! I can see a lot of money saved in my future! :)

  3. What size canister do you use?


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