Friday, December 14, 2012

Not a Rock Star Wife

The husband likes Zippos.  He’s not a smoker and he usually uses a striker for his jeweler’s torch, but for some reason he just wants one.  Especially after buying his dad and two brothers some a few years ago… because they are in fact smokers; one day I’ll let y’all hear the song, “Five Smokers in a Singlewide”.  We wrote it one Christmas and his band, at the time, played it at a show or two.  I know… you can’t wait. ;)   

So back to my story; knowing that he likes Zippos, but also knowing it would be more novelty than anything, I thought this would be a great year to get him a customized one.  Something no one would think to get him but one of those things he only mentioned in passing.

I would be a ROCK STAR WIFE! 

*I mean for real, his Christmas list is cargo pants, black dress shoes and argyle socks… WTHeck, not rock star wife gifts!!!
Just a few I was eyeballin' for him.  :( 

Well last night he comes home all excited about his most recent purchase.  I figured he found something for the kids, maybe even me.  Nope, he proceeds to pull out a monogramed Zippo that he bought for himself… less than two weeks before Christmas and our Anniversary.  WTFrack!?!

This rock star wife was not happy.  I think there was a gut punch and maybe a nipple twist involved.  I can’t remember because I was too busy telling him he was a jerk… I do know there were a few back hands to the chest.

All the while he’s just looking at me like I’ve lost my mind and pleased as punch that he had his Zippo.  

Jerk!  <pout>   He's getting a tie and new shoe laces.


  1. OHHH I know that feeling way too well. This year, the mister needs a wallet. So any time I saw him eyeballing one, I say, nooo I don't think so. I think he's suspecting that I will get him a wallet (really, I am) but it's kinda cool that he doesn't know it's a super frickin' cool one. Well, at least I think so.

  2. PS. I think your choices are far superior than a name engraving...

  3. Man my husband is the same way! They're like another child!

    New follower here, love your blog! ;)

  4. Super cool Zippos! I really like the one that looks like the amp :) Great gift idea..Oh and I love your Etsy jewelry too.. soo pretty :)

    New GFC follower too from the tgif hop. Hope you can follow as well. You can find me here:

    Happy holidays to you!


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