Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fools Go Rushing In

Tonight I realized I’m not a badass.  Now please understand I never actually thought I was, but I was able to really get a glimpse at who I am and I’m pretty stinkin’ cool.  

You see a badass only has a small window of opportunity to shine in.  Something extreme has to happen for them to highlight their talent; be it fighting with weapons or words.  Otherwise they have to create the situation to showcase their talents, and in that case they’re really just an ass. 

Well tonight I had an opportunity to shine and in that moment I realized that to shine I’d have to put out someone else light… and from where I was standing that light was pretty dim and sputtering.  Now this supposed badass was doing something wrong and he was doing it to my child… but I knew in that moment it would not have any long term effects on her, but that it would on him.  He looked foolish, he let his emotions take control… and he doused his own flame.  I didn’t need to say a word. 

I did; however, take the time to forgive him and give my daughter a quick hug and kiss and explain why he did what he did.  Yes it was a mistake on his part, but she did need to learn the rules.  It was her first time in this situation so I explained them.  I was calm… I had my thoughts together… and I didn’t react with emotions.  I was pretty stinkin’ proud of myself! 

I’m a mom, and my gut says tear anyone apart who does harm to my child.  But… I’m a mom and I have to teach my kids that self-control is learned, it’s not natural and it takes work.  So much work that many an adult, like the one tonight, still haven’t mastered it.

So from now on I’ll not be striving for badass status.  Instead, I’m going to continue to work on my ability to stay calm and react with self-control.  Oh, I’ll still visit the gun range and I’ll keep practicing my self-defense moves, but when and if I use them, it will be because I needed to… not because I wanted to. 

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