Friday, December 14, 2012

December Secret Subject Swap

My subject is, "biggest cooking/baking fail" and it was submitted by Hungry Little Girl.     

This is my first Secret Subject Swap and I have to admit I wasn't sure I could come up with anything, even with such a fun subject.  Not to say that I'm always great in the kitchen, but truthfully I don't attempt anything very hard and I leave most of the baking to the husband because he enjoys it. 
So as I'm trying to figure out what to write I mention the subject to him and immediatly he reminded me of the seafood disaster.  Without hesistation I pulled up the picture I posted on Facebook last year of the offending mess.  <shiver> 
We have some great friends who love to have crawfish boils and on a few occasions have brought those little critters over here for us to cook.  Not only are they tasty but they’re fun to eat. Factor in small children and who needs a movie, we're entertained for hours. 
So one weekend we thought we'd take care of dinner and found an inexpensive seafood 'concoction' for sale at our local grocery store and decided to try it out before we served it to our friends. Thank heavens for that stroke of genius because I'm not sure I could have handled a half dozen kids chowing down on this mess. 
As it was we stared in complete awe and a bit of disgust as the twins gnawed on octopus with the tentacles hanging out of their mouths, curled around their lips and trying to chew what has to be the chewiest meat EVER. You could even feel the little suction cups on your tongue. Ewwww!!!
I was able to pick out the shrimp and some other edible bits but the bulk of it found its way in the trash. 
No wonder it was on sale.  <shiver> 

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  1. EWW!!!! Well, look at this way, you could always use that at Halloween... ;)

    1. The twins just came in saying yummy. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  2. oh no...and it would have been such a great meal...but when seafood is not good it's a tragedy. Good job with the promopt.

    1. Baby octopus... or is that squid... I need to Google. It was bad.

  3. I actually love calimari, but I'm afraid I may never get the picture of your kids with tentacles hanging out of their mouths out of my brain. Thank you for sharing your disaster, I was laughing with you not at you, I swear!

  4. All I can picture is tentacles suction cupped to your faces. So very funny. Thank you for sharing and thank goodness for foresight because watching others chomp on this would be potentially awkward. Albeit hysterical.
    Tracy @ Momaical

  5. Gah!!! Suction cups on the tongue???!!! AHHHH!!! This post made me love you a little because this is something that would do. Oh yes I would. Super funny.

    Happy SWAP day!

  6. Ewwwww! I couldn't do it! I'd be barfing, lol!

  7. Hello! I found you from the SWAP. My stomach flipped thinking about your kids slurping and chewing octopus tentacles. Some things moms just can't un-see!
    On the upside, though? You salvaged the shrimp!

  8. Octopus really is a hard sea food to cook! :( I guess we should never scrimp on sea food shopping! :)

    I think you would love to visit my Secret Subject Swap post! I was assigned your topic! :)

    Rushing for Bagels


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