Friday, December 21, 2012

December Fly on the Wall

I joined another fun blog party. This one is a glimpse into our everyday life which is basically what I post on my Facebook page, but it's not quite enough to blog about.

Okay, sometimes I subject y'all to way too many details about way too little... but whatever.  

Today I compiled little stories and photos from a full week around the house. It's been a busy week with Karate Girl's birthday and Christmas, so we're not usually partying this much, but it was a fun week to log.

Hope y’all enjoy looking into the Mayhem that is our home.  But remember, I have a big ole flyswatter so don't stick around for too long. ;)

So here we go, a week at my house.  :)
Friday, December 14th:
Company Christmas Party. 
The last set of photos is my progress through the night.  ;)
Saturday, December 15th:
Today we watched Polar Express and ate Wing Stop... again.  Second Saturday in a row, but no one complained.  I was able to wrap more presents and 4 dozen cupcakes have been made. Tomorrow I'll decorate and we're surprising Karate Girl with a pinata. She's always wanted one and I finally decided beating a pretty butterfly with a bat was okay. So weird, but hey there's candy and cheap toys inside so it's all good. ;)
Shower and bed, my mom duties are done for tonight.

Sunday, December 16th:

Today we had Karate Girl's birthday party. She and her friend's loved the piƱata, but probably not as much as the husband. He got a real kick out of moving it just out of reach and then making sure each got one good hit. It worked out great. All the girls got to hit it and the last one busted it open. He'll be in charge again next year. :)


Monday, December 17th:

Today was our Girl Scout Christmas party. I've only been volunteering for two months now, but having these girls in my home each week has been so much fun. It's a great chance to spend special time with Karate Girl without the twins and to share in her GS experience and friendships. I love these girls already. :)

Tuesday, December 18th:

We stopped by Sonic between Karate Girl's UIL and Tae Kwon Do practices.
The car next to us drops their convertible top...yes, it's warm again in Texas... Karate Girl says,
"That's so cool!"
I told her I used to have one.
"So you used to be cool?"
She better work on her blocks today. :/

*Later that day Little Man decided he didn’t like the taste of Red Hot’s so he shoved one in his ear to see if he liked it there.  After a while it started to burn.  Dr. Mom to the rescue. 
s you know the test... it smelled of cinnamon.
It didn't take a doctor to figure out what that meant.
I had him follow me to my craft table, laid him on it, pointed my lamp right on the ear canal and found my longest needle nose pliers... I cracked a joke, he giggled and I pulled the little Red Hot straight out.
Before I could sit him up he was thanking me.
"Dude, ears are not for storage. Neither are nostrils or belly buttons."
So he pulled up his shirt and I found a second Red Hot stuck inside his belly button. <sigh>
The three of them are bathed and in bed.
My day job is complete.
"Dude, ears are not for storage. Neither are nostrils or belly buttons."
So he pulled up his shirt and I found a second Red Hot stuck inside his belly button. <sigh>

Wednesday, December 19th:  
After successfully extracting Little Man’s legs from his rocking chair spindles I decided to take the opportunity to suggest a bathroom break. 

(I think I can safely say that Blondie is potty trained, but Little Man still has the occasional accident.) 
A few days ago he overshot his mark and peed all over his freshly laundered jeans and undies so I went ahead and stripped him from the waist down to eliminate any chance of needing to wash more clothes today then necessary.
I helped him up on the toilet and just as I was telling him to hold it down… he overshot his mark AGAIN.  This time my foot was the target as well as the floor. 

*Later that night, after the husband had worked 4-hours of overtime he sent me this text:

"Ok, I want dinner on the table with a glass of red wine and a naked woman waiting for me. Got it?"

Yep, I got it!


Thursday, December 20th:  
Karate Girl was asked to bring 24 cookies to school...
i.e. mama was asked to make 24 cookies. 
*And later that night I made more Ninjabread Men cookies and Bo Staffs aka chocolate covered pretzels.  My guys can beat up your Gingerbread men any day of the week.  ;)

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  1. I must remember that a bellybutton is an excellent place to stash my extra red hots. ;-) Too funny!

    I have a friend who teaches martial arts-I always think of her every time I see those cookie cutters. :-)

    1. I'm so glad I figured out how to decorate them without the fancy stuff they recommend. Could NEVER do it. ;)

  2. Love all of your pictures, but that naked woman had me literally laughing out loud!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Haha ~ Good call on the belly button! Quick thinking on the barbie and that is one of the best Nailed it pics!


  5. Oh, the Red Hots! So funny. You are one busy mama. I must admit, I'm pretty jealous of the Ninja-bread cookies...and the barbie idea.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your cute family!

  6. ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!! OMGosh!! LOVED the naked woman!!!!

    1. My oldest was curious about the photo. "Nothing dear. Nothing at all." ;)

  7. ahahha!!! Loved the naked woman idea!!! How did he take it?!!

    1. He thought it was great. Even started talking to her about his day at work. :)

  8. I LOVE the ninjabread men!!!
    My kiddos didn't put things in their ears but each had at least one run to the doctor to fish something or things out of their noses.
    Good Jolly the things kids do!
    LOVED getting to be a Fly On Your Wall!
    Wishing you a very happy Holiday!

  9. Sounds like a beautiful fun filled family! I loved your photos thank you for sharing them! My favorite part was how creative your hubs was! lol

  10. Oh my goodness, this post had me LOL'ing! You guys (read: you) are so great!


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