Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: My Comic Book Collection

I've loved Spider-Woman since I first watched her Saturday morning cartoon in 1979. I had her Underoos and comics back then. Wonder Woman I watched with my dad, also had her Underoos, Halloween costume with creepy mask AND the Linda Carter Barbie doll.  My oldest and I now watch both shows together.  :)

Superman showed up at our door last Halloween with a bag of Dots. :) He's been watching the kids, cleaning house and laying around the house ever since. :)


  1. HOLY CRAP ahhahaa that's a crazy collection of comics and accessories!!! hahaha I Love it! I am super crazy too....I have a collection...I'll post that next time hehee oh ps ur award winning!

  2. That Superman guy is one busy dude!

  3. bahaha! freaking hilarious Superman series!

  4. I love this, but you knew that already. :)


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