Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One Last Taste of Summer Freedom

I would deem today a potty training failure. Blondie has gone through at least 5 pair of panties, Little Man 2 pair of undies. Both have peed on the floor and neither seem as interested today as the last two days. I know there are stages and sometimes they step back from it just to test us and themselves. I figure questions like these go through their minds:

"Is she for real this time?"
"Are we really done with Pull Ups?"
"Does this candy thing end when we master this?"
...and, “Is peeing on Superman really that big a deal?”

If you've read any of my stuff you know this potty training is nothing new. This is probably the 3rd try. The first lasted a day, maybe two. I would never have given up that fast with our first one, but one is the operative word. Not only are there two, but one of each gender. And no matter what anyone says... it ain't the same!
Now this is not the place for advice. I think y'all soooo much for all of it on my Facebook page. I really do, but like everything else what works for one doesn't always work for others. Even with other boy/girl twins. The truth is, much of it has to do with me. I'm 39 and most days I feel oooold! I run an online business. I'm lazy. I don't like the extra laundry. I hate cleaning bathrooms. Did I mention I'm lazy? Potty training is more fun when someone else does it for you. It's true. But no one is volunteering. Dang it!
This go around I’m doing my best to stick with it.  I figured November 1st was a good day to start and the Halloween candy has been a great incentive for them AND me.  We’re on a schedule, that sorta works.  And I’m still using Pull Ups at night.  Until they can wake up dry every night for like a month… I’m not washing sheets.  (Remember: lazy and doesn’t like laundry.) 

We’ve had a few really good days.  Several okay days, but today… it just stinks.  Not kidding.  I’ve pulled out the glass wash board and soap.  Side note, if you don’t have one get one.  They rock, especially if your washing machine is on the fritz like mine. 

Well, because today sucks I turned off the cartoons once the weather warmed up.  (It’s Texas, when it hits 60 it's considered cold.)  And I let them play outside as they were; Blondie in nothing but her panties and Little Man in his Batman undies and dinosaur t-shirt and tennies.  He would have been fully dressed but his shorts didn’t make the last accident.  Blondie… well… she could care less.  She’s my free spirit.  No doubt about it. 

As the two of them played in the freshly tilled dirt of our garden I went back inside to clean up lunch and start anther load of laundry.  I kept hearing squeals and laughter and decided on my way back out I’d snag my camera.  As I walked out to the garden Blondie yelled for me to watch as she pulled her brother down on the ground and the two of them started to wiggle in the dirt.  They both said, “Mama look we’re make dirt angels!” 

The look on their faces was pure delight.  Both grinning from ear to ear and laughing like they just did something totally remarkable.  And they did… they made me smile and trust me I didn’t want to.  I wanted to dwell on the dirt, the stains, the mess they would surly drag in to the house, but I didn’t.  I mentally slapped myself and started snapping pictures.  And it was fun for all three of us.

I eventually went inside to switch the clothes over and watched them out the back window as they played some more, but I could see both had managed to play too hard and forgot to come inside when they needed to pee.  So instead of getting frustrated at the now muddy toddlers, I grabbed their bathing suits, turned on the water as I walked down the back steps and moved their pool to the warmest part of the yard.  It was 75 degrees by then.  They had worked up a nice sweat so I figured it would be fun. 

Oh my!  They went nuts!  So I hurried back inside, grabbed my camera and captured a few more moments.  Only about 20-minutes could they stand, but it was 20 wonderful moments.  More giggles, more squealing, more belly laughs.  And one last taste of summer freedom. 




  1. How awesome! Very good lesson in not sweating the small stuff ;)

  2. We’ve also started potty training Lil Mister this past weekend! It is a whole new world. This morning he got some wee in his potty as I rushed to him when he started. He got SUPER excited because I was making such a big deal about there being wee in his potty!! Hopefully we’re on the right track. He’s just so busy I can’t get him to sit on the darn thing long enough! It’s going to be a long road ahead….I truly pray for you having two to do it with!

  3. such cute photos!! Best of luck with the potty training.... we try and try and then, just as soon as we're so done, poof! They get it!!

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  5. Hi Christine, ah, I remember the good ol' days of twins in diapers - so much fun, LOL Anyway, I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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