Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

The rule in the house is whoever asks to eat first is the one to serve the others.  It started off as a way of getting the twins to share and slow down, but now it’s just an everyday thing. 

Yesterday Mercy walked in asking for lunch so I asked her to call Marshall in from outside so they could eat together (and so I wouldn’t have to make two lunches). 

As Marshall walked inside the house she pulled out his chair and said, “Sit down Marshall.  It’s time to eat.”  And without telling her she handed the first sandwich to him and said, “Here ya go Marshall.  Enjoy.”  He gave her a polite thank you and then jumped out of his seat to grab her sandwich and put it in front of her seat which she responded by saying, “Oh, thank you Marshall, you so sweet.” 

It was one of those proud mom moments where you think you might have this thing figured out. 


...and then before I could put the peanut butter away Marshall snatched Mercy’s sandwich and she grabbed his drink. 

The screaming and yelling was barely heard over my mental cussing. <sigh> 

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!
Share the love with others, and keep the yelling to a minimum if you can. ;)

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  1. It always starts out so sweet and innocent.... then all of a sudden their little demon sides come out! Still they sound like awesome kids! Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    P.S. This will sign out as "MOM". That is because I usually comment on Story of a Girl's page. (LOL)


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