Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Don't Confuse the Truth with a Tantrum

I know it’s not popular to be polite. 

I realize that being a ‘bitch’ is in. 

But I was raised to kill others with kindness. 

And though that sounds weak and old fashioned. 

Every day I see proof of its value in the company I keep.

To me anger is a weakness because it’s easy.  It’s allowing your emotions to take over your mind and your morals.
Patience takes real strength.   You have to push the reactionary side of yourself back and think; “Is this person hurting and acting out.”  “Is this situation by chance my fault and not theirs?”  “What will resolve this situation so that we can both walk away from it unscathed?”  

We’re so quick to use our muscles (…the tongue being one of them) that we forget to engage our minds first. 

Yes, telling someone what is on our mind gives us instant satisfaction.  But when the smoke clears from our burning tongues and our minds take a deep cleansing breath, we’re left standing alone in the massacre of our own creation and no matter how much we’d like to think we’re better off alone… we’re not wired that way.

An independent woman isn’t someone who alienates herself from others. 
An independent woman is someone who knows her mind and is in control of herself. 

I’m not saying a woman can’t speak the truth, but don’t confuse telling the truth with having a tantrum. 


  1. Excellently said. Speaking your mind is no excuse to be rude under the label of "I'm a bitch!"

  2. So beyond true! This is a very good point and you're right in that Killing them with Kindness ALWAYS works!

  3. This is awesome. I definitely needed to find these words today. xoxo ~Andrea

  4. I cannot agree with you more...
    new follower from tgif blog hop!


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