Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trigger Happy?

Things that annoy me and shouldn’t:  Today it’s Daniel Craig. 
Okay not really Daniel <swoon> but the way he holds his gun. 
Stop it!  I know where your mind went. 
Oh… it didn’t? 
Oh good, cause… well… whatever.
So anyway, I was pulling up a few publicity shots for the new Skyfall movie. 
I know… I’m excited too! 
And as I was drooling, I mean, perusing over his photos I came across a lot. And I mean a LOT where he has his finger on the trigger. 
Now, for those who don’t know me IRL my dad’s a gunsmith.  He retired as the armorer for a small police department just outside of Dallas, TX. 
I was given a gun before the keys to my first car. 
I’ve had my Conceal Handgun License since I was 21. 
Heck, I even saw Charlton Hesston at the 125th Anniversary of the NRA as he gave the, “…from my cold dead hands speech.” 
I know my gun safety.
Because of all that when I see someone try to take a safety off a revolver… hello bad remake of Hawaii Five-0… I never watch again.  (And it was a crap show.)  ;)
I roll my eyes when the gunman in a movie turns his sideways.  Seriously, what’s the point? 
And don’t get me started on the action movies where the oversized weapons don’t cause the shooter even the slightest bit of recoil.  Really?  I know you’re supposed to be a badass, but the guy whom you are portraying in the movie, the guy that actually took the shot that killed the guy that was killing the innocent people… his shoulder moved.  It’s okay… it’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign that his focus was on the target and not looking good.
Now, I realize this is lame to some of y’all, but I live with a guitar player… don’t get me started on who is and isn’t really playing in EVERY movie we’ve EVER watched.  And we watch a LOT!
So back to Bond <swoon>, the trigger guard.  That bit of metal just on the other side of the trigger with the serrations… your finger rests there.  I just checked and the Walter PPK and Walter P99 both have them.  No excuses man! 
Now, who’s taking me to see the movie? 



  1. Okay... I have to say you had me ROFL... I was raised in TX and was at my grandparents ranch at every school vacation, break and weekend in OK. GUN Safety was taught to all of us and we were all shooting some type of gun (from BB/pellet to shot guns and 22's- even revolvers a time or two) before we were driving. You are not the only one it bothers to see a gun pointed at nothing or held sideways. My kids and I were watching a movie the other day and the youngest says " That's stupid." I looked at her like she was going crazy I suppose ( mainly because I was only half watchinig the movie) and she says " Everyone knows you don't point a gun at your feet when you load it." I couldn't help but think of that as I read your post.

    1. The husband and I have been watching The Walking Dead and the first thing I noticed was they knew gun safety. I instantly liked it after that. LOL!


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