Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thankful Giving Blogger Roundup Giveaway!

I am honored to say that I have teamed up with some of the best bloggers out there to give back to our readers with this awesome GIVEAWAY! We wanted to give back to all of our wonderful readers with the Thankful Giving Blogger Roundup Giveaway. We want all of you to know how important you are to us. Without our readers and fans, we wouldn't have an audience. Without an audience, our writing would be in vain (**dramatically places palm on forehead***).  
Being November, we decided to give back to all of you and the best way we know how is a GIVEAWAY!!!
There are 4 amazing prizes for 1 of our awesome readers. All you have to do is follow the Rafflecopter at the bottom, cross your fingers, and wait for the winner to be announced on November 12, 2012.
What are the prizes? Well I am so glad you asked!!!
With the holiday season approaching quickly, we thought you guys could use some cash. Yes, you read that right. CASH!!! $200 in cash sent via PayPal. But that isn't it! We are also including a signed copy of an AWESOME brand spanking new cookbook (Carrie's Experimental Kitchen: A Collection of Mediterranean-Inspired Family Meals) that won't even hit Amazon or Barnes & Nobles until December!!! We thought you may need a new apron for this year's festivities, so the winner will receive an embroidered apron. You don't cook? Perfect. You can re-gift this apron to someone who does. Last but not least, the winner will receive a surprise gift! How exciting!!!!
Now that you know what the prizes are,or most of them, what are you waiting for??? 
Oh, and before we forget.....THANK YOU!!!
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Thanks for takin' the time to read my stuff. :)