Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Passing Down a Halloween Tradition

Turkey and Butterfly recycled from school plays and the always easy Gypsy/Fortune Teller/Hippy 

The last time we paid for a Halloween costume our oldest was about 3 and we bought it a size too big so she could wear it two years in a row.  We even purchased it the night of Halloween so it was super cheap.  Since then we just use the dress up clothes she gets for her birthday or Christmas. 
We now do the same thing for the twins.  I’m marvelously cheap like that.
BUT I’d like to give some credit to my folks who did the same to me.  If I recall correctly I was a Gypsy, Fortune Teller or Hippy (yes… they are basically all the same) a dozen times.  Why?  Because my mom had everything needed in her closet and jewelry box. 
Matter of fact as an adult I still go through her things to find my costumes.   
I tease her that her closet is like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag.  As a professional organizer this drives me nuts.  As a daughter who has learned how to live cheap… I mean frugally… I am very pleased. 

Everything pictured came from my mom's closet. 
A Gypsy in the 80's, Hippies in the 90's and even Grandparents in early 2000.  She had us covered. 


Thanks for takin' the time to read my stuff. :)