Friday, October 12, 2012

My Not So Relaxing Shower

I made an announcements on Facebook that I was sick and going to shower, put on pajamas and rest… so laughable.  Does anyone actually believe that crap?! <sigh>  I mean any stay at home parent knows you can't show weakness.  Kids sense these things... always.

A 5-minute shower turns in to a knock on the door by the oldest asking if friends can come over, “NO!”  A crying toddler who missed naptime… for like the 35th day in a row would rather press his mouth up to the door and cry than crawl into his comfy bed.  And of course the youngest child asking for a snack even though she’s already finished off everything in the house.

By the time I rush through my “relaxing” shower and get dressed the twins have passed out on the bed.  It’s 4:30… so late in the day there’s no doubt they’ll either wake up before the sun goes down, or well before the sun ever shows back up.  So I’m in a dilemma.  Do I wake them, and deal with the crying for 3 more hours?  Let them sleep for an hour and deal with the grouchiness for an hour or two?  Or take my chances and hope they sleep through the night… I know…never happen.

Oh screw it!  I’ll take some aspirin, squirt my throat down with Chloraseptic and put the laundry away.  Maybe I’ll even put some make up on so I can go grocery shopping and not scare the poor check out lady.  I mean seriously, who has time to be sick?!  <sigh> 


  1. You poor thing! I hope you get a rest or shower alone.

  2. That's when I lock myself in my bedroom and bury my head under covers. It usually works until the hubs comes home. Hope you get beter.

  3. Totally relating, and I hope you feel better soon.


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