Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Facebook Giveaway!

I promised my new and old friends on my Facebook blog page that I’d give away two custom birds nest pendants when I reached 500.  It was a slow go at first, but today You Know it Happens at Your House Too posted a link on her page and WOW!  I hit my goal in no time.  Thank you YKIHAYHT I'll be making your nest tonight!!!

So once I hit 550 or maybe it’s 560 now… I typed up all the names of those who commented before 5:15 CST; printed, cut the names out, put them in the cutest little basket and had planned on Karate Girl drawing a name once she got home from practice… and then the kids went crazy!!!

Oh my WORD!  Blondie had a diaper explosion, Little Man decided he had to pee… right then… on the back rug, and Karate Girl ran in to the wall while at Tae Kwon Do so of course she needed a little sympathy. 

I just wanted to draw names and cook dinner. 

Instead I had to do a quick change for Blondie and run her and Karate Girl off to the showers… before dinner… this could be bad.  And Little Man had to have a quick bath in the sink; thanks to the husband though fish tacos are almost ready.
The Husband ROCKS! 
And yes, he's cooking with wine.  ;)

And I was able to draw a name… finally!!
This is the crew, Karate Girl, Little Man (who did actually have clothes on today) and Blondie (ignore the socks).  You'll notice that Superman acted as security to make sure no evil was done... 'course he missed Little Man picking his nose, but no worries, he didn't draw a name.  ;)


And the winner is......
Virginia Ingram!!! 
Message me on Facebook with your address and how many eggs you'd like in your nest and I'll make and mail it ASAP!
Thanks again YKIHAYHT, Virgina and all my new friends!!!  Can't wait to get to know y'all a little better and hopefully you'll stick around even after you get to know me and my crew a little better.  ;) 


  1. I <3 your blog. Your family makes me feel like mine is almost normal (even though they are destructo-bots!).

    1. I'm sorry, I was off fixing the laundry room door. LOL! ;)

  2. I can't believe you typed all those names up!!! What time you have, woman! I love that your had security there too.

  3. Replies
    1. Only about 60 people commented so it wasn't too much, and I typed them up as they posted. Actually kind of fun for this dork. ;) BUT if I ever do it again and there are more names I'll check it out. I think you are the second or third person to mention it. :)


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