Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chapter One: The First Step

I began this story about 4, maybe 5-years ago. I thought if I started to add it to my blog I would eventually finish it; like an ongoing project. Not sure when I'll have time to write, but I'll make a link and keep building on it. I believe there are 7 more pages. But I've not read past this first part. I guess while I'm laid up not feeling well I'll read over it and post as I go.  :)

 Mercy stared at her reflection, her mind wandering to the beauty and simplicity of her rooms.  The rooms she’d be staying in for the next month.  The rooms that, so far, yielded nothing but continued heartache; the rooms… the rooms she foolishly thought would bring her back to life.

Standing up she turned from the little vanity she had been sitting at and faced the room, as if it were her audience.  “I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry for putting such pressure on you.”  She realized how foolish she was being, but it didn’t matter, sometimes just voicing her thoughts helped her release them.  “I promise, for the next…” she turned around to check the small wall calendar by the vanity and glanced at the B & B’s small wall safe where just two days earlier she had stored her few precious pieces of jewelry and her boarding tickets.  “I promise that for the next twenty-eight days, I will NOT try to make this room my hiding place.  I will not blame my lack of enjoyment on the confines of this small space.  I will not continue with thoughts of my past, nor try to figure out what will happen in my future.  From this day on, I will simply… live.” 
At that declaration Mercy turned to check her reflection one last time.  This time she made a point to not see the faint circles under her eye from months of crying.  She ignored the paleness of her skin, from shutting herself away for so long.  And she almost felt pretty in her new spring dress.  At that last glance she noticed the gold cross hanging from her neck.  The same necklace she had worn six months ago.  The same one he had made her for one of their anniversaries.  The one she caressed when she thought of him or prayed at night.  She touched it, felt the texture, the warmth that it had absorbed from her body and then she yanked it off.  Today she would forget.  If only for a few hours, she’d forget.

After tossing the necklace on the vanity, Mercy spun around, grabbed her purse and headed out the door of what had been her cave for the past two days, but no more.  Today she had made plans to visit the ruins of an old castle and take the tour of the neighboring church.  This was, after all, the reason she had come to England.  She had always wanted to visit and continue work on her family tree. But in the past the funds were never available and the desire not strong enough.  Truth was the desire still wasn’t really there, but after weeks of phone calls and emails from her family, she knew it was time to get away.  And what better way to leave her past behind, then to study the past of others. 
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