Saturday, September 15, 2012

Toothbrushes, Baking Soda and Headlocks

Why do kids think they can get away without brushing their teeth?  <eye roll>  I check Karate Girls teeth at least once a day, use to be the breath test but I soon found out she’d use mouthwash or just eat the toothpaste.  I know; my kid rocks.  :/ 

Anyway, I started to notice the plaque buildup so I’d do the totally gross thing and scrape her teeth with my nails and show her the nasty stuff.  Went so far as to tell her they were bugs growing on her teeth eating them away.  She didn’t care, she likes bugs.  <double eye roll>  So now we do the baking soda punishment.  Yes, punishment.  I give her a chance to do it over; because she SWEARS she brushed, but just lightly.  WHATEVER!  Today I gave her three chances.  THREE!!!  So I said enough and brought out the big guns; the backing soda and the giant toothbrush… aka adult size toothbrush.   

You would have thought I was getting ready to beat her.  The child backed up in the corner, made faces and whined.  Had I let her go much longer she might have squeezed out a tear or two, but I had enough.  After asking her to come to me I finally put her in a headlock, dipped the wet toothbrush in baking soda and brushed her teeth.  She put up a fuss like a cornered Chihuahua, but I prevailed.  When I let her go she spit and sputtered, took in handfuls of water, spit some more then slowly ran her tongue over her teeth. 

“Wow mom, they feel great!” 
“Yes dear, clean teeth  usually feel good.  Brush your teeth next time or I use your Tae Kwon Do moves against you!” 
"You're funny mom."
We parted ways with a kidney punch to each other and sloppy kisses... ‘cause I don't mind them when they brush their teeth.

I didn't even have to pose her...
she's so dramatic. ;)

Headlock or not, she's happy.  :D

Now to solve the husband's Terrible Tire Troubles... 

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