Monday, September 3, 2012

Speakin' Texan

My first and probably last video blog.  ;) 

Lawd help me, I didn't know I sounded that bad.  <sigh>  


  1. Found you on T.G.I.F. Bloghop! Very cool!! ~ Mommy Needs A Break

  2. I loved it! I started thinking about the things I say. Fixin....yeah, you should see the looks I get here ;). And when you were reading the paragraph, I had a big goofy grin on my face. Home! You should do more of these. Just so I can hear people from home again. It makes my day!

  3. Oh hush, you weren't bad at all. I enjoyed it!

  4. Oh lord, woman! I grew up in Ohio and live in New York and I use most of them terms and sayings on a daily basis. I just had to explain to my four year old last night why a bug in a rug was cute because she was of the mind that a bug in your rug would be a lotta things, but cute weren't one of them!

    Also, I have always heard and used "dumb as a bag of hanmmers".

  5. That's great. Haha. I never like hearing my recorded voice.


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