Monday, September 17, 2012

Patches and Pouts

Little Man was so upset that Karate Girl left him for Girl Scouts that he took his seatbelt off to follow her.  I stopped the car, put it back on, gave him the mean brows and he seemed well reprimanded and stopped fussing.  As we pull on to our street he takes the belt off again.  I become ninja driver and hyper aware of my surroundings.  Made it in front of the house and got an idea. 

I checked for other vehicles, loose objects in the car and decided to do a 90 degree turn on two wheels in to the driveway.  Blondie squealed with delight, Little Man slid across the car and I’m pretty sure cussed me in toddler talk.  Not to take chances that he’d unfasten his belt in the future I tapped my breaks… hard.  He hit the back of my seat with enough force that he grunted, Blondie still squealing in delight. 

“So Little Man, can you see why a seat belt is important?”  I kid you not, he looked at me in the rear view mirror, furrowed his brows and said, “Not funny mom!”

When I opened his door he looked at me like I ate the last cookie in the world.  "Dude, I'm not apologizing."  <pout>  “Tears and fat lips have no effect on me.  God gave you a mean mom.  Talk to Him.”  I poked him in the ribs, popped his butt and told him to run inside.  He laughed the whole way so I'm guessing he got over it.  But I threatened a throat punch if he did it again. 

 *Kidney pokes and punches are signs of affection in our house... be warned.  ;) 
Oh and I promised y’all patches.  This week I sewed on three more to Karate Girl Brownie sash.  One of them is something about healthy snacks and the other two are from last year’s cookie sales… great combo I know.  ;)   (I should probably get hip on this stuff; this will make her 4th year in Girl Scouts.)  Anyway, when she was in Daisy’s I sewed them all on by hand.  It was terrible!  So last year I had a friend do her new Brownie sash and it looked great! 

And then she moved to Japan; anything to avoid more patches.  Geez!  ;)
So back to hand sewing, BUT this time I’m using one of the ring thingies you put the fabric in to make it tight… no clue the name.  And it helped, until I realized she had a meeting in 20-minutes, and then it just went south.  We may go back to iron-ons and just forget about ever washing the sash.
I’ll not be earning a sewing badge anytime soon.  ;)

Brownie points for threadin' that tiny needle! 
*Get it?  Brownie points?!  ;)

Maybe I should put a little more effort in to it.  :)

Can you tell the machine vs man?  LOL!

This is Karate Girl's Daisy smock from a few years ago.  You'll notice that at the very beginning (top) I tried hard, but by the time I had to sew on the tree house set (center) I did what my mom calls, "not giving a rat's ass".  I know...!!  :)



  1. If it meant Scott didn't deploy, I would move back there in a heartbeat! Me and Japan are not getting along at the moment, I'll take sewing on brownie patches please. And, I still say you did a good job. Nobody is going to look that close and it's not as noticeable as me burning and melting her patch...still sorry about that one :/. So go ahead and make all the mistakes you want, just say "at least I didn't melt a patch" :)

  2. Your kiddos have the same attitude mine do!

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  3. Can't believe I missed this yesterday! Hilarious!! Good to know you are the reason Lauren moved to Japan by the way! Thanks a freakin lot lady!! ;)


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