Thursday, September 27, 2012

From Art to Roadkill

Karate Girl this past summer with Mr. Elephant,
one of her art camp project. 

The twins strike again. This time it's Karate Girl's summer art camp project. I know she named him, but like a bad mom I forgot, so we'll just refer to him as Mr. Elephant. Mr. Elephant has been hanging out with us for about 4-months now and it seems no matter where we put him the twins find a way to get to him.
The first time he lost his tusk, trunk, toes and canopy where there was a Mr. and Mrs. on their honeymoon voyage. It was devastating for Karate Girl, but we were able to fix part of him; mainly the trunk that also has his googly eyes. (Who doesn't love googly eyes?!) ;) We were also able to fix his toes but gave up on the tusk since the twins chewed them up till they were goo and the canopy was lost forever. A few months later and he lost his trunk and eyes again but we caught them in the act before they could do much more damage. Eyes were located and glued back on.
Fast forward to today... today Mr. Elephant didn't fare so well. Today while I was working on shipping out an Etsy order they went to town. This time they didn't walking in the room with a trunk in hand or fuzzy toes. This time it was the innards... a yellow bouncy ball and a wiffleball. They were so proud of themselves. So very, very proud. When I asked where they got them they showed me.
So happy with their finds, standing among the remains of shredded tissue paper, toilet paper rolls, newspaper and masking tape... so very, very sad. I explained to them that sister would be very upset and heartbroken that they destroyed all her hard work. Little Man didn't seem phased but Blondie began to cry... but not once did she release that big yellow ball. ;)
At first I thought to trash all of it and explain to Karate Girl that he couldn't be fixed, but we've already tossed many an art project left for little hands to ruin. So I tried to figure out a way to fix it. There was no repairing it unless she wanted to start all over and what's the point when the twins are willing to scale chairs, dressers and headboards to get to all those bright shiny pieces.
As I was picking up all the bits of paper I remembered that I had a canvas with a little tear I wasn't sure what to do with. Not wanting to trash the canvas and not willing to let Mr. Elephant go to an early grave I decided to paste the pieces to the canvas and see what happened. Once I started I thought maybe it would work. I could put the main pieces on and perhaps give her some extra tissue paper to fill in the missing spots and add a few more pieces. I have to admit, it was kind of fun... and then I noticed the googly eyes were gone... AGAIN! <sigh> Mr. Elephant had to have his eyes.
Now like all good crafters I do have googly eyes on standby, but not the same size. So before opening up the craft stash I checked their room again and sure enough, just under the edge of the dresser where two big ole eyes looking back at me. Sorta sad and cross eyed, but still there and not inside one or both of the twins. All was good again.
So now we wait for Karate Girl to come home from school and decided if she can live with the road kill version of Mr. Elephant. I'm crossing my fingers she'll go with it and decide that having him hanging on the wall in his new... um... configuration is better than in the landfill. I'm thinking maybe an ice cream before she gets home will help. ;)

Blondie after she was told Karate Girl would be upset.

What was left of poor Mr. Elephant.

I sure hope Karate Girl likes abstract art.  :(

I've set up some supplies for her when she gets home.
I'll let her fill in the canvas with extra tissue paper and
add some extras.  Might even pull out some rhinestones...
what girl doesn't love a little bling?  ;)

*As I've mentioned before Karate Girl is our budding artist. This is where I brag that she's well rounded; Tae Kwon Do, Girl Scouts, "A" honor roll and excellent big sister. I'm also aware that she gets none of this from me. LOL! ;)

Anyway, we suspend Tae Kwon Do during the summer so we can save up for art camp at the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature. She's gone the last few summers and LOVES it. Matter of fact she loves it so much that we started selling her creations on our Etsy page to help buy art supplies, attend more art camps and so she can continue with Tae Kwon Do during the summer months. You can find her first design here: Floating Heart Pendant.


Karate Girl said she was upset but that she liked abstract art and would take a picture of the new piece and send it to her art teacher.  She then sat down with her brother and sister and the three of them worked on art projects.  My kids are so cool.  :)


  1. You are such a great mom-! I hope that she...embraces the new cream solves everything!

  2. She was GREAT! Said she liked abstract art and then had a little impromptu art class with the twins to teach them about art. She's so cool. :)

  3. OHHHH! That is funny, not for her but I am glad that she made the best of it. You have a cool kid...This has happens at my house but turns out to be a match of who can break more of each others stuff...


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