Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rainy Day Ridiculousness

It's raining, has been since Thursday.  We've watched Netflix, put puzzles together, made cookies, tents, ordered glasses on Zenni, balanced checkbooks, done laundry, dishes, swept... so of course it was time to play with  Duh! 

I've been called worse...

When the Zombie Apocalypse happens
it might help to blend in.

Day of the Dead is pretty cool. 

No sparkle... 'cause that's just lame.  ;)

Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Raining in Texas Vlog

I know, I know!  What's the big deal!?! 
The big deal is when it rains in these parts it's usually just a spit and a promise. 
Today, it's the real deal.  <squee!>


Thursday, September 27, 2012

From Art to Roadkill

Karate Girl this past summer with Mr. Elephant,
one of her art camp project. 

The twins strike again. This time it's Karate Girl's summer art camp project. I know she named him, but like a bad mom I forgot, so we'll just refer to him as Mr. Elephant. Mr. Elephant has been hanging out with us for about 4-months now and it seems no matter where we put him the twins find a way to get to him.
The first time he lost his tusk, trunk, toes and canopy where there was a Mr. and Mrs. on their honeymoon voyage. It was devastating for Karate Girl, but we were able to fix part of him; mainly the trunk that also has his googly eyes. (Who doesn't love googly eyes?!) ;) We were also able to fix his toes but gave up on the tusk since the twins chewed them up till they were goo and the canopy was lost forever. A few months later and he lost his trunk and eyes again but we caught them in the act before they could do much more damage. Eyes were located and glued back on.
Fast forward to today... today Mr. Elephant didn't fare so well. Today while I was working on shipping out an Etsy order they went to town. This time they didn't walking in the room with a trunk in hand or fuzzy toes. This time it was the innards... a yellow bouncy ball and a wiffleball. They were so proud of themselves. So very, very proud. When I asked where they got them they showed me.
So happy with their finds, standing among the remains of shredded tissue paper, toilet paper rolls, newspaper and masking tape... so very, very sad. I explained to them that sister would be very upset and heartbroken that they destroyed all her hard work. Little Man didn't seem phased but Blondie began to cry... but not once did she release that big yellow ball. ;)
At first I thought to trash all of it and explain to Karate Girl that he couldn't be fixed, but we've already tossed many an art project left for little hands to ruin. So I tried to figure out a way to fix it. There was no repairing it unless she wanted to start all over and what's the point when the twins are willing to scale chairs, dressers and headboards to get to all those bright shiny pieces.
As I was picking up all the bits of paper I remembered that I had a canvas with a little tear I wasn't sure what to do with. Not wanting to trash the canvas and not willing to let Mr. Elephant go to an early grave I decided to paste the pieces to the canvas and see what happened. Once I started I thought maybe it would work. I could put the main pieces on and perhaps give her some extra tissue paper to fill in the missing spots and add a few more pieces. I have to admit, it was kind of fun... and then I noticed the googly eyes were gone... AGAIN! <sigh> Mr. Elephant had to have his eyes.
Now like all good crafters I do have googly eyes on standby, but not the same size. So before opening up the craft stash I checked their room again and sure enough, just under the edge of the dresser where two big ole eyes looking back at me. Sorta sad and cross eyed, but still there and not inside one or both of the twins. All was good again.
So now we wait for Karate Girl to come home from school and decided if she can live with the road kill version of Mr. Elephant. I'm crossing my fingers she'll go with it and decide that having him hanging on the wall in his new... um... configuration is better than in the landfill. I'm thinking maybe an ice cream before she gets home will help. ;)

Blondie after she was told Karate Girl would be upset.

What was left of poor Mr. Elephant.

I sure hope Karate Girl likes abstract art.  :(

I've set up some supplies for her when she gets home.
I'll let her fill in the canvas with extra tissue paper and
add some extras.  Might even pull out some rhinestones...
what girl doesn't love a little bling?  ;)

*As I've mentioned before Karate Girl is our budding artist. This is where I brag that she's well rounded; Tae Kwon Do, Girl Scouts, "A" honor roll and excellent big sister. I'm also aware that she gets none of this from me. LOL! ;)

Anyway, we suspend Tae Kwon Do during the summer so we can save up for art camp at the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature. She's gone the last few summers and LOVES it. Matter of fact she loves it so much that we started selling her creations on our Etsy page to help buy art supplies, attend more art camps and so she can continue with Tae Kwon Do during the summer months. You can find her first design here: Floating Heart Pendant.


Karate Girl said she was upset but that she liked abstract art and would take a picture of the new piece and send it to her art teacher.  She then sat down with her brother and sister and the three of them worked on art projects.  My kids are so cool.  :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Livable Living Room

The past few days I have been painting the living room.  As much as I loved my red walls, it was time for a change.  We've been in this house almost 4-years and though that's not a long time, it was time to brighten things up. 
But this isn't the first time I've changed things up in the living room.  Nope, nothing beats the faux fireplace de-'mantling' of 2011.  As pretty as it was, it took up very valuable floor space.  And when you have 5 people in a 1,200 sq. ft. house, you don't waste space. 
*We were able to salvage the mantel and sold it to an antique store and used the money for supplies... it worked out great.  I still miss it, but the blue piano has helped ease the pain.  ;)
One month in our new house. 
It was just the three of us at the time. 
I love my little house.

This is the living room right after the babies were born.
Very, very crowded. (Almost a year in the house.)

As much as I liked the faux fireplace, we needed the wall space. 
It was also very therapeutic.  ;)  (2-years in the house.)

My vinyl trees.  Oh how I loved them. 
But not as much as the twins loved
peeling them off.  :( 

I love red, but it's a small space
and green makes me happy.  :)


His and her keys. 
How did Lowe's know my color scheme?!  ;)
Our piano I painted blue.  It was free and has a broken bridge,
but the kids love to pound on it and I love the whimsy it adds.

You will notice we have a guitar or 5. 
In the dining room is a fiddle and uke. 
Our instruments are our art.  :)

Karate Girl was sad to see the red go so
I painted over a decal.  You'll notice the screw hole,
I have it hidden behind the lap steel. 
Only she knows it's there and she loves it.  :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Justice and Forgiveness

While going over my old blog I came across one that choked me up again. 
I guess this is what blogs are all about... remembering.  :) 

Justice aka Karate Girl 2011

A few days ago I was having some issues with Justice. Mostly back talking. It’s happening a lot more lately. After a full day of; but, how come, why, I’d had enough. I told her to go to her room.

We spank in our house, but on rare occasions.

The process is pretty simple, a reminder of what she did wrong (she’s well versed in why she shouldn’t back talk… including the worst case scenario of “if you’re too busy back talking you might get yourself hurt”.)
Second step is time out.
Third is taking privileges away. (That day it was Netflix.) And still she back talked.
The fourth and final step is a spanking. I hate spankings. : (

It was near bedtime when I told her to go to her room; I was in the middle of bathing the twins. It gave me some time to think about what I would say to her and how we could stop the endless questioning. Each time I brought a baby to the room to dry off and dress she’d be crying and pleading for me not to spank her.

*I’d like to point out that I have a very light hand. Usually before the last swat she’s sitting up and apologizing and saying she promises to never do it again. But it seems the wait was more painful to her.

By the time I was done with the twins and had them down for the night she was sobbing, the pitiful kind where she couldn’t catch her breath. She was trying to tell me how she knew she shouldn’t back talk and that she knew I just wanted her to do her chores so that life would be easier for all of us. And we could spend more time enjoying each other. She went on and on… it was killing me.

I laid down beside her and asked her why she always had to question me when she knew what she was to do each day and had already been given answers when the chores were set out months ago. She didn’t have a real answer, but between sobs she said, “Can you forgive me?”

At this point Tommy had come to the room ready for prayers. He wasn’t sure what all had happened that day because he had worked late and I hadn’t had time to explain. He sat on the other side of the bed as she pleaded her case, repeating over and over again, “Please forgive me.” Thankfully the lights were off and only the night light was on… I couldn’t stop my own tears. Tommy bowed his head, no doubt just as emotional.

I pulled her to me, asked if she deserved it (only to stall for time since I couldn’t speak yet) and I was surprised when my 7-year old daughter, the back talker, the one who questions every step said,

“No one deserves forgiveness.”

Here was JUSTICE, asking for FORGIVENESS, knowing she didn’t deserve it.

*Did I spank her? Of course not… we prayed.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you That Suburban Momma for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m finding I very much like these blogger awards… they are fun to receive and give!


Here are the Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:

1. Add the award to your blog.

2. Thank the person who presented it to you.

3. List seven random facts about yourself.

4. List the rules.

5. Pass the award onto seven other bloggers.

6. Inform each blogger they have won by posting a comment on their blog

Seven random facts about me:

1.  I sing to my kids like a lounge singer.

2.  My feet where a size 8 ½ before my first child, I’m now a 9 ½ so I usually buy a 10. WTHeck!?!

3.  I’m learning to live with dirty floors. I’m not happy about it, but I’m staying sane… sorta of.

4.  I used to be so uptight about having a clean car, when it was time to buy a bigger one I bought a ’99 Expedition. I knew 3 kids would drive me nuts trying to keep a new one clean. Spill away kids…spill away!

5.  I don’t care for 99.9% of the wine out there. I know, a mom who doesn’t drink wine… crazy! BUT I do like bourbon. ;)

6.  I enjoy cooking, from preparation even to the clean-up, but I don’t like how fast it’s consumed. I wish people would eat slower and enjoy it.

7.  I bought a bass and a fiddle, took lessons, decided it was way too much work. I leave the instrument playing to my husband.


I am passing this award along to:

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Okay guys, it's your turn.  Have fun!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pride, Prejudice and Poop

Last night, right after putting the kids to bed, I decided to pull out a double sided easel with a chalkboard on one side and a dry erase board on the other.  Now that the weather is cooler and since I’m not a fan of messes and therefor blessed with many each day… I moved it from its hiding place in my bedroom to the playhouse outside.  I loaded up a plastic Easter bucket with their driveway chalk and set it up for them to play with. 
(Before) I'll not show after.  I <3 y'all too much. 
Being that I’m getting older and my mind is no longer what it used to be… I forgot about it.  So this morning when Little Man came running back in the house just 5-minutes after asking to go outside, I was prepared for some tattling on little sister or fussing about it being too cold.  (For a Texas toddler that’s anything under 65 degrees.) Instead he ran straight for me, hugged my leg and said, “Thank you mama.  Thank you so much.”  And then ran back outside. 

I was pleased that he wanted to hug and thank me, but couldn’t think for the life of me why he did.  Then I popped my head outside and saw him and Blondie scribbling all over the picnic table and decking with the chalk.  No worries, it washes off easily.  So glad I didn’t include dry erase markers.  It comes off the board easily enough, but would have been permanent graffiti on the walls, table and flooring. 

So, I went outside to show them how the board worked, but didn’t bother to tell them to stop writing on the wood since it wasn’t doing any damage.  They seemed pleased with the way the chalk worked better on the board, but seconds later they were back to the table.  So inside the house I went to finish cleaning up from breakfast and sneak in a little more reading.  (Yay for a new Jane Austen inspired book!!)

After a chapter or two and a few concentrated listens for squeals, screams or the dreaded silence I got another cup of coffee, cozied back up on the couch and started to read some more.  I was quite satisfied with my brilliant idea to pull out a new toy so late in the season.  *This was a Christmas gift I was holding on to.  I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again… I’m cheap.  Or should I say frugal?  That sounds better.  Either way had I pulled it out in January it would have been destined for Goodwill or the dumpster by now.  So I’ll go with brilliant.  ;)

So I’m back in my modern day Pride and Prejudice when I hear screams of delight.  Another pat on the back; “Well done, you rock at this mom thing.”  And then Blondie comes running in the house continuing her screams, but it’s not delight like I initially thought.  Close behind her was Little Man and a fist full of… was that mud?  No, what isn’t grass is mulch in our yard… so it must be… damn it "NO!!!!"

“So help me son if you touch anything in this house I will lock you outside until your dad comes home.”  He looks at me with a grin, and then at his sister, “Do NOT touch your sister either!!” 

So off to the sink we go.  Hands washed, stripped down naked so I decided to bath him, for the second time in less than 15-hours.  After his bath, and a new outfit I decided to investigate.  Sure enough, where there was once chalk on the table, walls and floor… it was now his own custom blend.  :/   

I decide to hose everything down, so of course I can’t get the stupid sprinkler off the hose because The Husband puts everything on like it’s going to be launched into space and has to be air tight.  Heck, it might even be welded on for all I know.  So now I have to lock the kids in the house till Husband comes home for lunch and can replace the sprinkler with a pressure nozzle. 

So much for Pride and Prejudice... I'm stuck with poop.  :/    


Monday, September 17, 2012

Patches and Pouts

Little Man was so upset that Karate Girl left him for Girl Scouts that he took his seatbelt off to follow her.  I stopped the car, put it back on, gave him the mean brows and he seemed well reprimanded and stopped fussing.  As we pull on to our street he takes the belt off again.  I become ninja driver and hyper aware of my surroundings.  Made it in front of the house and got an idea. 

I checked for other vehicles, loose objects in the car and decided to do a 90 degree turn on two wheels in to the driveway.  Blondie squealed with delight, Little Man slid across the car and I’m pretty sure cussed me in toddler talk.  Not to take chances that he’d unfasten his belt in the future I tapped my breaks… hard.  He hit the back of my seat with enough force that he grunted, Blondie still squealing in delight. 

“So Little Man, can you see why a seat belt is important?”  I kid you not, he looked at me in the rear view mirror, furrowed his brows and said, “Not funny mom!”

When I opened his door he looked at me like I ate the last cookie in the world.  "Dude, I'm not apologizing."  <pout>  “Tears and fat lips have no effect on me.  God gave you a mean mom.  Talk to Him.”  I poked him in the ribs, popped his butt and told him to run inside.  He laughed the whole way so I'm guessing he got over it.  But I threatened a throat punch if he did it again. 

 *Kidney pokes and punches are signs of affection in our house... be warned.  ;) 
Oh and I promised y’all patches.  This week I sewed on three more to Karate Girl Brownie sash.  One of them is something about healthy snacks and the other two are from last year’s cookie sales… great combo I know.  ;)   (I should probably get hip on this stuff; this will make her 4th year in Girl Scouts.)  Anyway, when she was in Daisy’s I sewed them all on by hand.  It was terrible!  So last year I had a friend do her new Brownie sash and it looked great! 

And then she moved to Japan; anything to avoid more patches.  Geez!  ;)
So back to hand sewing, BUT this time I’m using one of the ring thingies you put the fabric in to make it tight… no clue the name.  And it helped, until I realized she had a meeting in 20-minutes, and then it just went south.  We may go back to iron-ons and just forget about ever washing the sash.
I’ll not be earning a sewing badge anytime soon.  ;)

Brownie points for threadin' that tiny needle! 
*Get it?  Brownie points?!  ;)

Maybe I should put a little more effort in to it.  :)

Can you tell the machine vs man?  LOL!

This is Karate Girl's Daisy smock from a few years ago.  You'll notice that at the very beginning (top) I tried hard, but by the time I had to sew on the tree house set (center) I did what my mom calls, "not giving a rat's ass".  I know...!!  :)


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Toothbrushes, Baking Soda and Headlocks

Why do kids think they can get away without brushing their teeth?  <eye roll>  I check Karate Girls teeth at least once a day, use to be the breath test but I soon found out she’d use mouthwash or just eat the toothpaste.  I know; my kid rocks.  :/ 

Anyway, I started to notice the plaque buildup so I’d do the totally gross thing and scrape her teeth with my nails and show her the nasty stuff.  Went so far as to tell her they were bugs growing on her teeth eating them away.  She didn’t care, she likes bugs.  <double eye roll>  So now we do the baking soda punishment.  Yes, punishment.  I give her a chance to do it over; because she SWEARS she brushed, but just lightly.  WHATEVER!  Today I gave her three chances.  THREE!!!  So I said enough and brought out the big guns; the backing soda and the giant toothbrush… aka adult size toothbrush.   

You would have thought I was getting ready to beat her.  The child backed up in the corner, made faces and whined.  Had I let her go much longer she might have squeezed out a tear or two, but I had enough.  After asking her to come to me I finally put her in a headlock, dipped the wet toothbrush in baking soda and brushed her teeth.  She put up a fuss like a cornered Chihuahua, but I prevailed.  When I let her go she spit and sputtered, took in handfuls of water, spit some more then slowly ran her tongue over her teeth. 

“Wow mom, they feel great!” 
“Yes dear, clean teeth  usually feel good.  Brush your teeth next time or I use your Tae Kwon Do moves against you!” 
"You're funny mom."
We parted ways with a kidney punch to each other and sloppy kisses... ‘cause I don't mind them when they brush their teeth.

I didn't even have to pose her...
she's so dramatic. ;)

Headlock or not, she's happy.  :D

Now to solve the husband's Terrible Tire Troubles... 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Why I Hate Naptime

Okay, so you know they are tired by the crying and whining...

and by the silly things they do.

But when you check on them an hour later and find this...
You'd hate naptime too!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Mini-Vaca

The Gaylord Texan in Grapevine was hosting The Smart Jewelry Show, a very large, very informative event.  My husband’s boss asked us to go with him and his wife, all expenses paid.  If you are not familiar with The Gaylord, just know that it’s a beautiful resort and one we could not afford now or anytime soon.  We were excited to say the least.  :)  

We left out early Friday morning and stayed till early Monday morning.  It was a busy, tiring weekend, but so much fun.  The husband’s boss made sure we got the full experience and took us to several of the very nice restaurants inside the resort and we had drinks at some of the coolest bars, one was right off the lake.  With the kids safely at home with my mom and no worrying about the tabs… life was good.  ;)

*I’m not sure a Thank You card is enough.  We <3 them big time!!  :)
As you walk in to The Gaylord in Grapevine.

The ceiling.

The river/creek that runs through the place.

 Big Ole Geyser Thingy. ;)

One of many Bench Challenges.

A 10 carat center stone with about 2 carats of side stones. 

Just us at The Glass Cactus overlooking Lake Grapevine.
The after party at The Glass Cactus.  Music was GREAT!
*Limelight I think is the bands name.

It was tough coming back. Monday was Girl Scouts, Tuesday a doctor’s appointment for the twins followed by Tae Kwon Do, Wednesday I discovered our checking account password and pin were messed up so I've been spending the last few days changing all our passwords (Geez there are a lot!) And today it's back to Tae Kwon Do.  Maybe the next mini-vaca will just be a book and a quiet place. ;)  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Man in a Tree with a Tutu on...

This was a writing assignment I had a few years ago. I posted it to my other blog, but I'm going to be shutting it down soon and didn't want to lose this.
The writing prompt was: A man in a tree with a tutu on. :)

May 7, 2009 at 5:09pm

“Dad! Get out of the tree you’re embarrassing me!” Sheila covered her eyes; the sight of her dad’s hairy legs under her tutu was just too much.

“Dad! Really, you made your point! Get down!”

Sheila’s dad just kept laughing and waving as the neighbors drove home from work and the kids next door made catcalls. He was enjoying himself and the look of distress on his daughter’s face was priceless.

“You sure you want me to come down?”

“DAD! Enough, I get the point.” Still covering her eyes Sheila pointed in the direction of the ladder resting against the tree trunk.

“Now please come down before Matthew comes over. I don’t want to have to explain to him why my dad is in a tree wearing my tutu.”

Sheila’s dad just kept laughing but decided he’d made his point. While climbing down he made a big production of keeping himself modest and giggling like a girl when he nearly slipped off the ladder.

“Well, I’ve a new respect for you girls and your outfits. It’s hard to move in this thing, let alone dance.”

Sheila said nothing, just waited for the sound of the ladder to stop moving so she could look at her dad and continue her earlier argument with him.

“Dad, what is this about? You know you’ve just stretched my tutu out of shape and I’ll have to buy a new one… correction, you’ll have to buy a new one.”

He continued to laugh, not taking anything seriously, which only fueled Sheila’s anger. “DAD!”

“Sorry honey, I just wanted to make a point that’s all.”

“What point? That you’ll do anything to embarrassment me.” At that moment the elderly lady from next door came out to get her mail. Both Sheila and her dad knew she’d be calling the church elders the moment the front door was shut. Sheila’s dad had to chuckle over that phone call.

“Of course not Sheila, but it is a bonus.” He waved at yet another neighbor pulling in to their driveway.

“DAD, stop it!” Sheila whispered in desperation, “Let’s go inside.”

“No need, we can finish up here.” Sheila’s dad sat on the porch steps, legs spread wide open and she noticed his purple underwear.

“Oh God dad, purple underwear? That’s just too much. How will I ever get that image out of my head?”

“Don’t tell me tell your mom. I hate these things, but she thinks they look better than the whitie-tighties.”

“You did not just say that? UGH!” Sheila fell down on the porch swing. How could she have a serious conversation with a man in a tutu and purple underwear?

“Can you please explain what this is about dad? Matthew will be here any minute and I have no idea how I will explain this to him.”

“Isn’t it obvious? I wasn’t going for complicated here; just thought I’d prove a point.”

“Which is?” Sheila was still trying to envision the conversation she’d be having with Matthew any minute now.

“That you are just as important to me as your brothers, if not more important to be honest.” He gave her a sideways look at the last statement and waited for her reaction. She didn’t surprise him.

“More important, whatever!” She rolled her eyes and looked away.

“What do you mean ‘whatever’? Have I said or done something over the years to make you doubt how important you are to me?” Sheila’s dad said this with more emotion then she was used to. Was he serious? Did she really just hurt his feelings?

“Well dad, you go to all the boy’s games. You practice with them every night and you brag about every touchdown, goal or point they make. You’ve never once said a thing about my dance recitals or the trophies I’ve brought home. I’m better then both of them when it comes to sports but you refuse to take notice.” Sheila was so mad after the declaration that her face was red and she was shaking.

“What! Do you honest believe that? Do you really think I don’t take notice when you bring home a new award or when an instructor calls to tell us she’d like to advance you sooner than expected?” At this point Sheila’s dad turns towards her and tries to get her to look him in the eyes.

“Have I really made you feel less than your brothers?” Sheila tried to avoid eye contact, but the porch was small and she really wanted to know how he felt.

“Yes dad, you have.” She only looked up for a second, but in that short span she saw hurt in his eyes.

“Oh Sheila, I’m so sorry, I had no idea.” Sheila’s dad stood up and walked over to the porch swing, sat down and put his arm around her back.

“I thought you knew how important you were to me.”

“How dad, you never go to my dances, you never talk to me like you do the boys. When’s the last time you offered to take me with you to the hardware store or on a bike ride?” She took a shallow breath in hopes of keeping the tears from coming, but Sheila never could control her tears.

“Great now I’m going to cry, just one more reason to run off to the boys.” She wiped at her tears with a fist and was about to stand up when her dad pressed his arm into her shoulders stopping her.

“No you don’t. This conversation isn’t over. I think it’s time I explained a few things. And you’ll sit here and listen, is that understood?” It was more of a demand then a question, but he allowed her time to nod her head and settle back down.

“Let’s get a few things straight. The day I found out your mother was having a girl I was in tears, but not because you weren’t a boy, but because I was so excited about seeing a smaller version of your mom. She means the world to me and the idea of getting the chance to watch her grow up, even if only half of her was in you, it was enough to satisfy a longing I had in me. Here was my chance to see how a girl turns into a women and I wanted to be a part of it.” At this Sheila stopped looking at her feet and slowly turned towards her dad.

“But why do you stay so distant?”

“Distant? Do you call staying up till midnight distant? I’ve never been able to fall asleep till you settle into bed. Forget just coming home. I wait on the couch till you finish getting ready for bed and settle in for the night before I can even think about laying down myself. The thought that you might need to talk about something and I’m not around makes me sick. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard your door open up in the middle of the night and I’ve wondered if that was the night you needed me to talk to and I had gone to bed too early.” He lowered his head and Sheila could see moister forming in his eyes. Was dad crying?

“I remember watching you sleep at night, it didn’t matter if you were a few weeks old or a few weeks ago…” Sheila interrupted, “You watch me sleep?” She tried to sound upset but some unexplainable emotion was warming her insides.

“Yes, I watch all 3 of you sleep at night.” He chuckled under his breath, “I shake your brothers awake because they snore so loud and I kiss your forehead to make sure you’re still breathing. I’ve done that every night since the day you were born."

Sheila couldn’t help but smile and tear up. “Really?”

“Yes, really. I still wake up in sweats worrying that someone has taken you away. Or worse, you’ve run away with some hairy legged boy who has no idea what a gift you are.” He used the rough pad of his thumb to wipe away a tear.

“I see these boys come and pick you up on dates and I want to slam the door shut the moment they ask if you’re ready. How on earth will I ever give you away at some alter? How could I stand to know that some other man will be responsible for you? He can’t possible know what a prize you are!” At this stage he was no longer trying to catch his tears; they freely flowed from his eyes.

Sheila had never loved her dad more than at that moment as she watched her dad sit there with a tutu on and tears streaming down his face.

“I’ve tried to stay out of your mom’s way. She knows how to encourage you, she watches to make sure your friends are good to you and she knows everything about your boyfriends.” At this Sheila scoffs, “She’s a spy for the government, I just know it.”

“She could be. Heaven help us if either of us makes a mistake, your mom knows everything.” They both laughed and wiped tears from each other’s faces.

“Yep, mom makes no secret of it. Remember when she found out that Robert had another girlfriend and she confronted him before she told me? I thought Robert was going to run out of the store in tears. That woman is mean!”

Sheila’s dad threw his head back laughing, “She’s a mean one alright. Even your brothers have no chance against her. She’s the strongest person I know, man or woman.” They laughed again.

“You know you’re just like her?”

Sheila smiled shyly and looked at her dad, “I don’t feel strong dad. It hurts when you don’t come to my dances or don’t show up for at least the dress rehearsals.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know. You once told me that I would embarrass you and I took it to heart. I figured you just needed your mom.”

“I’m sorry too. I said that out of anger. You embarrassed me in front of my friends by making up silly steps. Like you thought it was all stupid.” She bent her head down and blushed at the memory.

“I was being stupid; I didn’t know how important it was to you.”

“It wasn’t that, it was the girls, they said you were stupid and… I’m ashamed to say I worried more about what they had to say.” She looked up at him, “I thought the moves were funny.” She couldn’t hold the smile back.

“The move where you tried to pliĆ© and then made a ripping noise like you split your pants was hysterical. I think even Michelle thought it was funny, she just couldn’t say so with the other girls around.”

“Wasn’t it your mom who finally convinced you to drop them and find better friends?”

“Yes and she was right. Both girls turned on Michelle and me. I’m so glad they aren’t a part of my life.”

“So if you can forgive your mom for telling you that your friends and boyfriends aren’t good enough for you, can you forgive your old man for his stupid comments and lack of involvement?” The look of desperation on his face broke any of the remaining misgivings she had. He really did love her just as much as the boys.

“I guess so. But could you come to at least one show? We have our final one this weekend. I’m not sure I’ll be going back next year since I’ll be leaving for college.”

At that Sheila’s dad cringed and turned a little white, “Going off to college? What happen to community college?”

“Dad! You know I want to go to college with Michelle. We’ve talked about it since our sophomore year.” She all but rolled her eyes.

“I know I just figured your mom had talked you out of it by now. I need more time with you. I want more time with you. It was just today I found out what a terrible dad I’ve been. I have some making up to do.” He tried to look pitiful, but just managed a silly look that made Sheila laugh.

“You’ve always been a great dad, I just didn’t know how good till today.” Tears filled her eyes again and Sheila leaned into her dad’s side. She waited for the bear hug she always loved to get from him.

“So are we okay?”

“Ya, we’re okay dad.”

“You know that I love you?”

“Yes, I know that you love me. Now can you get out of my tutu? He’ll be here any minute.”

“Well, I’d be happy to, but I think it might be too late.” Just then Sheila hears a car door slam.

“Oh dad, now what!?” She’s too embarrassed to look over her shoulder to see Matthew.

“I’ll take care of it.” He winks at her and begins to stand up.

“NO, don’t do that!” She whispers to him.

“Hello, you must be Matthew.” Sheila’s dad stands up proudly as if he’s in a suit and tie instead of a tutu.

“Um, yes sir.” Matthew tries not to stare and puts out his hand to receive his handshake.

“I’m Sheila’s dad. As you can tell she’s not ready. Seems I’ve gone and messed up her make up.” At that he turns to Sheila, “Go inside and clean up, I’ll entertain Matthew.”

Sheila jumps up and never looks at either man on the porch.

“Sit down Matthew.” Sheila’s dad points to a rocking chair across from the porch swing. As they both sit Matthew can see the purple underwear and tries his hardest not to laugh.

“So you like my daughter?”

“Yes sir I do.”

“What are your plans?”

“Well sir, she wants to see a movie and I know of a great restaurant in the next town.”

“No son, I’m not talking dinner and a movie. What are your plans with my daughter?”

The look on his face says he’s not looking for any BS answers and all the yes sirs and no sirs won’t cover up any mistakes he makes in his response.

“Um, well sir, I just want to have fun.”

“Fun? Describe fun to me.” He really wishes he didn’t have a tutu on and instead had a gun to clean right about now.

“Sir, I have 3 sisters and a dad that would rather lock them all up till they’re 30 before any of them ever goes out with a guy. And truth is I agree.” He smiles at this but sees no response from Sheila’s dad.

“Sir, I’ve my whole life in front of me and I’ve no intention of messing things up by doing something stupid now. So in all due respect sir, I like your daughter and I’d like to get to know her better, but I promise I won’t do something to ruin my chances with her or her family. Sir.” Sweat was building up on his top lip and Sheila’s dad couldn’t help but feel a little pity.

“So, what you’re saying is you like her, but not enough to mess up your football career? Is that it?”

“No sir. I meant I like her and would like to get to know her better. So I won’t go and mess things up by pushing myself on her. Sir.”

“Pushing yourself, you mean you won’t even TRY with her, right?”

“Um yes sir, that’s exactly what I meant.” Now sweat was forming on his forehead.

“Okay son, let’s make sure where on the same line here. You take her to the movies and out to dinner and you show her the same respect you would your own sisters and mother. Correct?”

“Yes sir!”

At that moment Sheila’s walks out with fresh make-up, her hair pulled up and a dress her dad had never seen before. It was like looking at a photograph of his wife 25 years ago.

He and Matthew stood up simultaneously, both in awe.

“Dad, what did you tell him?” She cocked her head to the side and gave him the same look her mother did when she questioned his actions.

“I um…”

“He just recommended a few restaurants we might like.” He winked at her dad and then smiled at Sheila and put his arm out.

“You look beautiful tonight. I think somewhere special is called for.”

Sheila’s dad stood taller and for a moment she almost forgot he was wearing her tutu.

“You okay dad?”

“I’m fine. Just had an image cross my mind of when I’ll be giving you away…” He stopped before he got emotional again.

“Never mind, you two have fun.”

“Sir, thanks for letting me take your daughter out.” At that Matthew gently placed Sheila’s hand in his left and reached out to shake his hand once more.

“I’ll take care of her the same way I would my own sisters.”

He couldn’t respond, too choked up. He shook his hand and opened the screen door. He shut it and began to close the heavy oak door when he overheard Matthew tell Sheila that his own dad would have sat on the porch with a gun instead of a tutu. Sheila’s dad laughed and then felt an arm around his waist.

“You knew this would happen.” He always loved to hear his wife’s voice, so calm and musical.

“I know, but I was hoping time wouldn’t move so fast.”

“She’s turned into a lovely lady and one who respects herself. She’ll be fine.” At that she looked up at him and kissed him on the cheek.

How on earth was he allowed two perfect women in his life?

“I know, but it’s still scary. You know he doesn’t deserve her.”

“No he doesn’t.” She quietly said.

“But then you don’t deserve me either.” She kissed him again and walked back to the kitchen.

God he loved this woman. He locked the door and followed her.

“You think we’re too old to make more babies?” He looks at her slyly and winked.

“I’m not too old dear, but if you continue to strut around in a tutu it’ll make it much harder for me to want to.” She winked and ran up the stairs like she did the day they got married.

God he was indeed a lucky man!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Liebster Award

Thank you Banana Clips, Music and Me for the Liebster Award. 
It was fun answering the questions and making new ones up. 
Now to pass the fun along.  :) 
The Rules:
1.      Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2.      Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you.
3.      Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to.
4.      Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to your post.  Go to their page and tell them.
5.      No tag backs.
11 Things about Me:
1.     I wanted to be an interior decorator but instead went straight from college and started working for a bank.  I was there 12-years. 
2.     I’ve traveled to all 48-contiguous states and would love to visit Hawaii and Alaska soon.
3.     I love studying history.  What I enjoy most is learning about the way of life, not just the major events. 
4.     I have no desire to sky dive, cliff dive or bungee jump.  I see no reason to leave a solid surface to free fall…only to hit the solid surface again. 
5.     I love all things Jane Austen, from fan fiction to BBC dramas. 
6.     I want to visit the UK in the very near future, even if that means skipping Hawaii and Alaska.  (Promised myself I’d see all 50 states before going abroad.)
7.     I cannot relax and watch a movie or read unless everything in my line of sight is clean. 
8.     When I had our first child my obsession with a clean and organized house became worse.  When the twins came along I finally learned how to relax.  (At least my version of relaxed.)  ;)
9.     I love power tools.  One Mother’s Day I received a cordless drill, the next a compound miter saw.  Still two of my favorite gifts. 
10.  On my 16th birthday my dad gave me a gun.  At 21 I completed my Concealed Handgun License and have never been without.  But I’m not a member of the NRA.  ;)
11.  I fantasize about dressing up in Steampunk attire with Lara Croft thigh holsters and doing one of those impossible stop action gun fighting scenes. 
*And of course I single handedly save the world.  You are welcome.  ;)
Princess Mama's 11 Questions:
1. If you could marry any person (past or present) who would it be and why?
Gerard Butler!!!!   Why?  Cause he’s just so dreamy and the accent and the abs in 300 and, and… <dreamy sigh>

2. Would you rather be attacked by a bear or an alligator?
A baby squirrel.  ;) 
I’m going to say a bear.  Alligators drown their food I think.  I don’t like the idea of drowning.  :( 

3. What is your favorite chapstick?
Spearmint can’t go to sleep without it. 

4. What is your fondest childhood memory?
I remember one summer vacation with my parents, our Ford LTD2, 8-Tracks and 9 states.

5. If you could know what your future held would you want to know?
Only the good parts. :)

6. Would you rather give up your phone or your computer?
Computer,  I can do just about everything with my phone. 

7. Do you think men in uniform are sexy?
Not really.  They look nice, but I prefer a man in a cape.  LOL!

8. What is your favorite thing to drink?
I should say water but that would be a lie.  Dr Pepper or Maker’s Mark and Coke. 

9. What is the one thing you have always wanted to do?
Travel to the UK.  Still waiting…

10. If you could get any cosmetic surgery done, would you and why?
Yes, boob job for sure.

11. If you could live any movie, what would it be and why?
Lost in Austen comes to mind. 
My 11 Questions:
1.     What did you want to be when you grew up?  And are you doing it?
2.     How many states/countries have you been to?
3.     What is your favorite movie and why?
4.     Who is your favorite author?  (I’m especially looking forward to this one… I need some new reading material.)   
5.     If you could live in any time period what would it be?
6.     Do you or have you jumped off anything for no apparent reason?  I.E. sky diving, bungee jumping… 
      7.     Do you have any crazy fantasies?  (PG-rated ones…)  ;)
       8.     What would your dream vacation be?
       9.     What site do you visit the most in a day?
10.  What inspired you to start blogging?
11.  What is one thing you do every day that makes you happy?

11 Bloggers I’m awarding:

Have fun!!!