Monday, August 13, 2012

Two 3-Year Olds

Mercy, the fairy princess at her 3rd birthday party, she is my active child. I know most children are active, it's why we mom's usually look so beat down and overwhelmed. But Mercy... she has not lived up to her name. More times than not I'm yelling for her to stop doing something she shouldn't be doing; “NO MERCY!" It's like a battle cry in our house. I feel for her future teachers. I can see them doing roll call; "Moore, Mercy" and wishing they could get some. When she starts school I will apologize in advance for the stress my little fairy princess will no doubt cause. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Marshall, my little man who at 3 looks like the average 4-year old, he’s my sensitive child. Raise your voice just a little and he’s in tears. Praise him and he’ll high five and ‘dap on that’ for 15-minutes. He loves his cars and trains. It’s so fun to see him play, but even better when his daddy adds the sound effects. Marshall is learning them fast and knows the difference now between a motorcycle and a diesel engine. He is the easiest of the three.


  1. I'm so excited about your new blog!! I can't wait to read more or should I say "Moore" haha. I love your kids! They are great and fun and I still have a horrible guilt over the sandwich incident with Marshall! I am bringing a whole pound of bacon next time I come over!! LOL

  2. Love the blog Christine, keep it up. What you really need to do is write a book or three....


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