Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Potty Talk

Since it’s the last week of summer vacation I’m using is as a motivator to potty train the twins. As some of y’all know they turned 3 a week ago today and still they are not potty trained. Yes, they have the routine down; use the step stool to turn bathroom light on, move step stool to the potty, put the potty seat on etc. They even know how to use it, but the timing is our issue… and consistency. I get caught up in my day just as they get caught up in theirs and in the middle of folding clothes I’ll look at the clock and realize 2-hours has come and gone. UGH!
While trying to get one going the other can’t wait and pees on the floor. So I tried to space them out. I’d take one on the hour, the other on the half hour. That was too much, so I spaced it out every two hours, which seems to help. But still if I don’t set an alarm I forget and it’s too late. Factor in that neither one of them seems to know when they need to go; it’s up to me to take them and find out.
It’s been 6 ½ years since I last potty trained a child. So maybe I’ve just forgotten a few things, but I swear she was easier. And the baby book says she was 2... and the baby book doesn't lie.
Of course I wasn’t potty training two at the same time.
And boys and girls are so different… go figure. ;)
Wish me luck guys.  I’m on the edge and I’m pretty sure nobody else wants to talk potty training with me.  Heaven knows I don’t want to. 

This is what happens when the husband helps.  <sigh>

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