Sunday, August 12, 2012

Organized Mayhem?

I like love people, a lot. My husband on the other hand, not so much. He’s an introvert who, 20-years later still has no clue how or why I have so many friends. He has a handful he calls or sees once a year. He’s good with that. He’s opened and quickly closed several social sites because he just didn’t ‘get it’. We are so different in this area, but he’s a great listener, which means I have a captured audience. Out of pity for my husband and the encouragement of my friends I decided to start blogging again. I have blogged before; first in 2005 when I left my job to stay home with our oldest daughter. Later in 2007 when we sold our house and its contents to move into an RV and start a new life and business. In 2008 I gave up blogging and started bombarding my Facebook friends with photos and short stories. I imagine many hid me from their newsfeeds but those who stuck around seemed to enjoy them. And then the twins came along in 2009 and those that initially hid my updates began commenting and ‘liking’. I’m pretty sure many were glad to see that the girl who liked to organize her closet using the color, texture and collar/sleeve method were curious how I would handle my new life in a 1,200 sq. ft. house with 2-bedrooms, 1-bath and 3 kids. You see, I had an organizing business when I first left my job; Moore Organized "Simplifying Your Life”. It was great being able to do what I enjoyed and getting paid for it. My first job was a B&B; it was a huge undertaking, but I really enjoyed it. But after that it seemed all I did was work with moms… lots of them. At the time I really thought I would continue working for small business, but SAHMs… I didn’t understand why. Did I mention the twins? Yeah, I now understand the trying to stay organized with kids. It’s not a ‘good idea’, it’s a must. And when you are naturally inclined to organize everything, it’s very distressing to realize that kids like mayhem. Your happy place may be a clean house and a good book while theirs is a stack of books a Tonka truck and Barbie hanging on for dear life in the back. True story… My kids are now 8, and soon to be 3. My house is still very much organized but clean door handles are iffy. Laundry has tripled and every night, when the house is quiet and everyone is sleeping instead of a good book I am cleaning the French doors of their finger and mouth prints, the stainless steel appliances of their hand smudges and the bathroom mirror of its toothpaste spit. And still the house makes me twitch. Its organized mayhem; my oxymoron of a life… and I like love it.

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  1. Bring it on friend. I am officially ready for all you have to share!


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