Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Little Man & Blondie

One of the joys of being a mom is reliving our pregnancy and delivery. We tell the story over and over to family and friends so that we are well versed when the time comes to share that pain and suffering with our children. It’s a favorite of many moms and stored carefully in our arsenal. So it only seems fitting that on this day, the 3rd birthday of my twins, that I should practice my story telling skills on y’all in hopes that when the time comes… and it will, that I will be well rehearsed and ready. It all started on a drunkin’ New Year’s Eve… oh wait, that’s not far enough back. (I KID!!! No really, just a joke. ) Ah, anyway, the Cliff’s Notes version: I was about 12-weeks along when I saw the OB/GYN. I didn’t know the doctor and I’m guessing I made an impression… and not a good one. A few months before, while we still lived in the RV, I had miscarried at around 12-weeks and it was bad, I had miscarried before so I wasn’t new to the experience, but this was worse mentally and physically. Because of that I was a mess sitting there in my open backed gown and sheet. I looked over at the sonogram machine with its screensaver flashing the company’s logo and I started to cry; all the “what if’s” started playing in my mind. I did my best to calm down. I knew she’d ask the usually questions about my health history and figured she might even ask about my previous doctor and recent move, so I played the conversation out in my head and started to cry worse; it had been a very bad year…the worst to date. So I cried some more and right as I’m blowing my nose, drying my tears and trying to ignore the big elephant (sono machine) in the room, the doctor and nurse walk in. And as calm as you please the nurse hands me a tissue, the doctor put her hand on my knee, smiles and says, “It will all be fine.” …and so I cried harder. After many questions, a few more tears and a reassuring smile from the doctor I lay down and started to pray. Initially she did a pelvic exam and I noticed she stopped in two places, a hint… a very, very small hint of a smile crossed her face, and then she moved on to the sono machine. At that point I almost asked her the unthinkable… could there be twins. Being afraid of looking foolish I said nothing. The doctor moved the monitor so that I couldn’t see it, but was very subtle about it. I noticed again she hesitated over two different spots but didn’t say anything, just asked if my husband and our daughter (then 5 ½) would like to come in. It took them awhile, but the moment they stepped in the door the doctor’s face broke out in to a smile and she turned the monitor so that all three of us could see it at the same time. On the screen was the perfect image of two babies, one facing out and one facing the other. It was amazing!
I was laughing and crying, my husband’s eyes were filling up and my daughter casually told the doctor, “I told mama she was going to have a boy and a girl.” I said it was too early to tell, but just as confident as before she pointed to the monitor and told us that Baby A was a boy and Baby B was a girl. And she was right. As for the 37-weeks of my pregnancy, it was good. No major issues, only a few trips to the hospital just to make sure Baby B was okay because she kept hiding behind her brother and at about week 35 I was done. It was summer, I was sporting a 54” waist and the only way to get comfortable was to stand up. So when I went to my last visit on a Monday and the doctor said I could go in at any time or wait till the following Monday for a scheduled C-section I decided I would wait till that Friday which was the official start of my 37th week… full term. Everything else was pretty uneventful. I woke up at 3:00am, packed my bags, the car, made sure the house was ready and waited till 6:00am to wake my husband. How he slept through the stomping I’ll never know. At 8:42am I had Little Man 7lbs 7oz and Blondie one minute later at 6lbs 5oz. I kept praying, “No NICU, No NICU.” And as the doctor presented each baby she said, “No NICU, these babies are perfect. You did good mom.” Nope, I moaned and groaned for 37-weeks, God was good.


  1. LOVE IT!! Could that picture be anymore adorable??!! Happy birthday M&M!!

  2. ...as I wipe MY tears...lol. You did good mama:)

  3. It wasn't till I posted the photo that I noticed they are facing the same way in the sono... so cool. :)

  4. My eyes are leaking! So precious! :D


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