Friday, August 17, 2012

Is It Naptime Yet?

I went to bed at 11:00pm which is early for me.  I was going to do my best to get at least 7-hours of sleep, but then I played on my Kindle till midnight.  An hour lost but so worth it, I have a new Pinterest app and I created links to my blog.  It’s the simple things in life.  Anyway at 3:45am Little Man woke up hungry.  I wish this wasn’t a regular occurrence, but it is.  I leave snacks out on the kitchen counter, but the idea of him wandering the house is just too much for me, I have to get up and check on him. 

He did good, ate his and Blondie’s snack and went back to bed… so did I.  I updated the husband even though I knew he was fast asleep, I just like to keep him well informed even if he doesn’t hear me.  So I’m lying there, looking at the laser ceiling clock, trying to get back to sleep.  But it doesn’t happen.  I think somewhere around 4:15ish I drift off, but at 4:45 I’m wide awake again.  I inform the husband who was still asleep, that I was getting up.      

I grabbed my Kindle and glasses and tippy toed down the hall like all good ninjas do and made it to the kitchen without waking the twins.  This is when I’d normally brag about my stealth, but 9 times out of 10 one or three sleepy kids follow me telling me they are hungry.  <sigh>  But not today.  Today it was me, my Kindle and my coffee… at 4:45am.  Kinda sucks really. 

So, about 5:30 the husband wanders in, boxer briefs and cell phone in the waistband, he freshened up my coffee, made his own and sat down next to me on the couch and we both read.  Me with my fancy Kindle, him with the tiny Kindle app on his BlackBerry, it’s what parents call a little bit of heaven. 

Around 6:00 Blondie comes in, she heads straight for my lap, crawls under the blanket (yes it’s August, but we have a new AC unit and we’re not afraid to use it.) and snuggles… heart melting.  But 5-minutes of that and it was the same ole story, “I hungy.”  I uncurl my legs, toss the covers off all dramatic like and pop the recliner down so Blondie rolls to the floor.  It’s what parents do to make the kid laugh but secretly the parent is going, “Take that, you peace snatcher!” 

I graciously unwrap a breakfast bar for her, pour a glass of milk and demand she sit at the table and ‘leave me alone’.  Which she just giggled at and followed right behind me sitting between the husband and I on the couch.  She not so quietly smacked away at her breakfast bar, passed gas and giggled.  I did the obligatory, “Say excuse me” but giggled right along with her. 

Around 6:15ish Little Man wakes up.  Just like his sister he crawls right up in to my lap, hugs and kisses me good morning.  He likes to snuggle longer, so we had a full 7-minutes of snuggle time and then he was hungry.  But a breakfast bar or three is never enough for him, so it was time for the husband to get up and make pancakes.  (He makes the best, no recipe, all guestimations… love them!) 

By now it’s 7:30 we’re all done, the kitchen is clean and the kids are playing outside.  At this point we’re both ready for a nap.  But of course we can’t because the kids are outside…

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