Friday, August 24, 2012

I am not Wonder Woman!

I am a wife, and many times a bad one.  I let the house get dusty, I don’t fix dinner enough and many days you will find a load of laundry in the washer AND dryer.  I forget to make him feel special and loved.  I’m too busy complaining about my day to ask about his. 

I am a lazy mom.  I would rather spend hours chatting with online friends then read books to my kids.  I love crafts, but not when I have to help my kids do them.  I don’t want to jump on trampolines or push swings.  Taking them to the park is too much work.

I am not a good friend.  I don’t call; I don’t schedule time to visit.  I don’t show up for events I’ve been invited to.  I just don’t take the time needed to be a good friend.

I am a terrible Christian.  I don’t read my Bible like I used to.  I don’t mind missing a week or two of church each month.  I don’t take my Bible in and mark the margins.  Most weeks I leave and don’t remember what was taught. 

I don’t work out enough, I don’t eat healthy, I don’t budget well, and I don’t make plans for the future. 

I am not Wonder Woman. 


Or maybe I am… I do “wonder” if I’ve set something out to fix for dinner.  I “wonder” if the washer is full.  I “wonder” if my husband will notice I haven’t patched up his favorite jeans.  I “wonder” what the kids have gotten in to.  I “wonder” if I’ll make the next girl’s night out.  And sometimes I "wonder" if God really meant for me to be a wife, a mom and a friend…

Perhaps I am Wonder Woman…   


  1. I love it! I'm totally a "wonder" mom! I feel ya sista!

  2. Stopping by to say hello from the YKIHAYH blog hop! I feel like I could have written half of your post. I absolutely love being a mom but sometimes I feel like I'm a bad wife. I too don't cook enough, budget enough etc. But....I know my husband and baby are happy and healthy and that is all that matters :)

  3. I love the Blog Hop. I've met so many new people and I've only done it for a week. :)

  4. You and me both. BUT I do love my Wonder Woman adult-sized underroos, so at east I can look like I am.

  5. I love this post so much! It is so me. You are too funny :)


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